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Shop These 8 Beauty And Wellness Brands That Give Back To Women

By Victoria Patapan
3rd Mar 2020

Beauty brands that give back

With International Women’s Day right around the corner, it’s time for us gals to band together and do our part to support the ladies in our lives. And the easiest way to do it? Choose to shop the beauty and wellness brands that help to empower women all over the world. Check out eight awesome brands below, and see how just adding their products to your cart can make a real difference to women in need. 

Gift Box Organic 

Ladies, let’s be real—periods are rarely a fun time. They swoop in once a month to make the daily grind just that much more difficult. But you can make the best of a bad situation courtesy of Gift Box Organic tampons. Not only are their tampons made of 100% organic cotton, they’re also free from pesticides and any nasty chemicals that are harmful to your health (and the environment). But the best part is yet to come: for every box of tampons purchased through their site, Gift Box will donate one box to a woman in need. And with a population of 46,000 homeless women in Australia, there’s no doubt those donations are needed. 

Urban Decay

As if you needed another reason to refresh your cosmetics bag (new season, new look, right?), Urban Decay has long been committed to the empowerment of women around the world. Since its launch almost 25 years ago, makeup junkies have flocked to the brand for its badass bright pigments and unwavering message of self-love. In 2015, the company launched The Ultraviolet Edge, an initiative aimed at supporting women’s rights and embracing individuality. So far, the initiative has raised over $2 million, all of which has been donated to nonprofits dedicated to the women’s empowerment movement. Adding to the appeal, Urban Decay’s makeup is cruelty-free—what’s not to love?

The Body Shop 

You’ll recognise The Body Shop as that store that lures you in with amazing fragrances, and keeps you in with its surprisingly affordable prices. The chain truly has something for everyone, and has a lot more to offer than the natural beauty products that line its shelves. Not only has The Body Shop made it their mission to support people in need and use their brand as a force for good, they’re also working to empower women around the world by fighting for equal rights and equal treatment. Their Community Trade Partners allow the company to source ingredients ethically and sustainably, and employ women who can pass on their skills and knowledge to better entire communities.  


If you’re all about finding a more sustainable, modern, and empowering approach to your monthly flow, ModiBodi is the brand for you. The company is dedicated to making our “unmentionables” absolutely mentionable, and making real, positive change by providing women with an alternative to disposable sanitary products. Originally launched as a line of leak-proof underwear for women, ModiBodi has now expanded to include a range of period- and sweat-proof underwear, swimwear and even activewear. The company has also collaborated with like-minded brands across the country to form the Sustainable Period Project. The project provides schools across Australia and New Zealand with free resource kits containing samples of menstrual cups, period-proof underwear and reusable cloth pads. ModiBodi is all about breaking taboos, so be sure to check out the site and see what they can do for you. 


Tatcha is a brand founded on classical Japanese beauty secrets that have been refined over generations. Their philosophy is based on the idea that less is more, meaning each ingredient has been carefully selected for its proven contributions to skin longevity. Tatcha is not only dedicated to providing high quality skincare, the company is also determined to empower young women by providing them with an education. Thanks to their partnership with Room to Read, purchases of Tatcha products have funded more than 3 million days of school for girls in Asia and Africa, giving them access to life skills coaching, mentorship and a proper education. 


Born in sunny California way back in the 1980s, Dermalogica has long been a staple in the skincare industry. Not only is the brand cruelty-free, vegan and free of microplastics, artificial colours and fragrances, it’s also dedicated to women’s education, entrepreneurship and empowerment. The company has funded small loans to 103,071 female entrepreneurs,  and granted scholarships to 58 women around the world, demonstrating their commitment to transforming women from job seekers to job creators. They’ve also partnered with multiple nonprofits including Chrysalis, Kiva and UN Women, so you know your dollars are in good hands. 


L’Occitane en Provence is a store so grand and luxurious you may be scared to go inside. But once you step through the doorway, it’s clear you’ve made the right decision. The French-based chain is renowned for its award-winning products made with natural ingredients that smell absolutely divine, and leave your skin feeling completely rejuvenated. The brand is also committed to empowering women, partnering with Burkina Faso’s female shea butter producers to ensure fair employment and independence of over 10,000 women. With L’Occitane, you can feel confident you’re supporting women whilst still allowing yourself to indulge. 


It’s safe to say that Thinx is passionate about periods. Their period-proof underwear comes in almost every style imaginable, and their handy videos showcase just how easy it is to use and care for their products. Even better, they have real, everyday women modelling their underwear, so you can find the perfect fit for you. With the help of its partners, Thinx is working to provide better access to health education by donating time (and panties) to women in need. Know that when you purchase Thinx, you purchase with purpose, and join the movement to end period poverty.

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Image credit: Billie K

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