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Motion-Activated Skincare Is Here And It’s Changing Our Skincare Habits

By Jessica Pridmore
27th Feb 2019

Physically triggered skincare is the next generation of products hitting the beauty industry, instantly elevating ‘ath-beauty’ from a fading fad to a genuine and burgeoning, beauty and wellness sector.

The latest technologies in skincare are pushing the envelope on traditional topical serums and creams. Physically triggered and ath-beauty products are specifically designed to work with the natural heat that your skin gives off, providing a more effective and deeper penetrating product. Because of that, the prime application time for these kinds of products are before or just after a workout.

First off the ranks in successfully monetising this new wave of ‘activated’ skincare is cult US brand FaceGym. Famous for their innovative facial workouts, where treatments include kneading the muscles in your face to tone and tighten the skin, they have announced their latest product, the Training Stick.


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In a complete 180 on the dos and don’ts when applying any skincare product, Training Stick is activated by heat and sweat and has been specifically developed to be applied directly before a workout or strenuous physical activity, working with the fluctuating changes in your skin’s temperature to deliver ingredients more effectively. Featuring a potent mix of plant-based stem cells and medical grade ingredients, let's just say that these humble-looking sticks are the hard-working, no fuss roll on your skincare regime needs.

Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym, explains how the range has been in development for over three years, tweaking and perfecting their ‘Motion Activated Skincare’ to effectively eradicate the need to choose between a workout and a treatment when using active skincare ingredients.

‘Ath-beauty has already shaken the beauty world in a superficial sense, but the sector is yet to see skincare that is physically triggered by exercise. I didn’t want to sacrifice a facial for a workout or vice versa so I created something which targeted both at once. We’ve been working on our Motion Activated Skincare™ line and MyoSKNFIT™ formulation for over three years and although FaceGym has always been a front runner in ath-beauty we’re so excited to disrupt the industry further by introducing a new category in skincare with our next generation Training Sticks.’

The range will be available in four formulas pending your skincare needs; multivitamin to hydrate and recharge, activated charcoal to detox, Brazilian pink clay to brighten, and spirulina to lift and sculpt. And, no it’s nothing like applying coloured zinc—each formula sinks into your skin leaving no residue or colour.

The line is due to drop next month and will be available for international delivery here. Given our climate, it seems only natural to take make our skincare products work just that little bit harder.

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