5 Of The Best Air Purifying Plants To Green Up Your Bedroom With

By Olivia Arezzolo
5th Nov 2020

a bed inside a sunlit bedroom with plants by the window

Getting a good night’s sleep for some of us is like finding a needle in a haystack—rare, difficult to find and even harder to hold on to.

For those who err on the edge of sleep apnea, you should know that you’re more likely to suffer if you’re sleeping in a polluted environment during the night. And even if you’re not—coughing, wheezing and tossing and turning are commonplace problems for us all. But don’t give up on slipping off to dreamland easily just yet, as your favourite houseplants might just get you closer.

Sleep deprived or just looking for an excuse to add some more greenery to your bedroom, read on to learn which are the best air purifying plants that will help you get your best night’s sleep, plus look great on your ‘gram.


In a recent study of 86 houseplants, researchers found ferns to come in first place for their ability to remove formaldehyde, a compound believed to contribute to coughing, wheezing and skin irritation. As this can otherwise leave you tossing and turning, placing a fern or two around your bedroom may be the sleep solution of your dreams.

a potted snake plant against a blank wall

Snake Plants

Ranking number one by NASA as an air purifying plant, snake plant has been shown to reduce toxins such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and benzene. As this extracts a range of pollutants, this is a great plant for you if you’re noticing signs of inflammation—puffy eyes, blotchy skin or a blocked nose. Needless to say, without a snake plant about to improve the situation, this is a problem for those 8am Zoom meeting, not just your rest at night.

Aloe Vera

While you may not realise it, your air quality is probably compromised during the night—less wind means that typical pollutants such as smoke and dust are left to settle. Fret not though, because aloe vera is ready to come to your rescue—it produces oxygen through the night, making it more bio-available for your lungs. As oxygen is critical to cellular repair, this is the ideal plant for you if you’re looking to maximise physical recovery during the night.

a potted peace lily on a stand next to a concrete wall

Peace Lilies

An ability to raise humidity levels by up to 5% awards the elegant peace lily a place on this list. As dryness can promote coughing, sneezing, feelings of cold and flu, having a peace lily can get you breathing better—and look beautiful at the same time. Again, think of the peace lily as a support for your best day: being sick? You don’t have time for that.

English Ivy

Got asthma? Get ivy—the English kind. A recent study found the plant was able to reduce asthma symptoms like shortness of breath and coughing through the night. As this may leave you with light, unrefreshing sleep, if you’re feeling fatigued in the morning, peace lily your bedroom up and see the difference it makes.

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Image credit: Devon Janse Van, Max Williams, Kara Eads 

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