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5 New Apps You Need To Download This Month

By James Shackell
25th Oct 2018

We know, we know, your phone is probably already packed. Last month you had to choose between a new Cardi B track and that photo of your nephew eating ice-cream (bye bye, little Timmy).

But there’s a few new apps this month that are really worth the storage space. If you’ve got an iPhone (and the latest iOS software) one of them even comes standard. We’ve got zombie fitness apps, weather apps with attitude, and a game-changing podcast player.

Here are all the apps worth downloading right now.

iMessage Comic Book Filter

Okay, so this one isn’t technically an app. In fact, the new iMessage Comic Book Filter comes standard with iOS 12. It’ll turn any photo into a surprisingly awesome pen-and-ink drawing. Just check out the examples here. There’s a small catch though—it’s kind of hard to find. You can only access the Comic Book Filter inside iMessage (so not through the iPhone camera app or the Photo app). Weird, we know. Pro tip: start a new message chain with yourself so you don’t spam your friends and family with comic-style pics of fruit/your feet/desktop cacti.

Available on: iOS
Cost: Free


Sure, you can stream podcasts on Spotify or Apple Music or a bunch of other apps, but if you want to keep your true crime fetish in its own little box, check out Cosmicast. It’s a beautiful new podcast streaming app, available on iOS. The whole point of Cosmicast is simplicity: it’s easy to search, filter, save libraries, switch up your theme. Expect to see this winning some design awards down the track. It’s a slick little player.

Available on: iOS
Cost: $3.66

Carrot Weather

Want your weather app to quote Silence Of The Lambs and occasionally throw shade your way? Carrot is for you. It’s a “crazy-powerful” weather app. Or maybe that should be “crazy and powerful.” Not only can you get weather maps and real-time updates on breaking weather phenomena, but Carrot also comes with a weather time machine, augmented reality Easter eggs, achievement unlocks and one very sassy interface. We like.

Available on: iOS, Google
Cost: $4.99

Zombies, Run!

An oldie, but still a goodie. Zombie, Run! is one of the world’s most popular fitness apps. It turns out the motivation you need to run faster is a group of brain-hangry zombies closing in from all sides. You can run missions, collect supplies, follow storylines and track your fitness progress, all to the sound of “Breeghghebllrahh!” That midnight run is suddenly looking a lot more scary...

Available on: iOS
Cost: Free


Possibly our favourite app on the list right now. Paperbark is an app-based game that lets you waddle through the forest as a cute and cuddly wombat. What sets this one apart is the crazy-beautiful graphics, most of them hand-drawn with watercolours. It’s won a bunch of local game design awards over the last couple of years, and creators Ryan Boulton, Nina Bennett and Terry Burdak even recruited a professional ecologist to get the Australian flora and fauna nailed. Seriously beautiful gameplay.

Available on: iOS
Cost: $5.99

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Image credit: Lauren Naefe

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