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7 Celebrity Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

By Mathew Trenear
8th Apr 2018

Some celebs just won’t quit with one skill. No, they’re set on showing us just how damn talented they are across all of the channels and thankfully, it’s bringing a solid set of LOLs to our ears. The humble podcast has had a celeb-style makeover (Snookie we are looking at you, doll), and our list of faves will no doubt get you giggling.

Here are the best celebrity podcasts ready for your subscribing pleasure.

Anna Faris | Unqualified

Superstar actress, model, producer, comedian and now self-proclaimed relationship guru, Anna Faris' podcast is here to help you with allll of you love-life woes (or lack of) and we’re loving every second of it. The title of the podcast, “Unqualified” gives us enough understanding to realise that we are listening to someone on the same wavelength as us when it comes to all that lovey-dovey stuff #finally. Teaming up with all of her celeb friends, you may just find yourself listening to Nick Jonas describing his perfect girlfriend and realise it is you he has been waiting for his whole life. You may now kiss the bride Mr. Jonas.

Shaquille O’Neill | The BIG Podcast With Shaq

More than just a podcast about basketball, sports and fitness, Shaq takes to the mic for this one to chat about fun and topical subjects that may not really be relevant to your life, or his for that matter. Regardless, Shaq is a guaranteed laugh and you defs will not regret spending an hour listening to his take on any beef in the NBA. Grab a drink and take a seat because we’re always down for some gossip, especially when it’s coming from Big Shaq.

Alec Baldwin | Here’s The Thing

Alec Baldwin takes us inside the offices, locker rooms and apartments of some of the best artists, politicians and performers going around in his fabulous podcast. He gets into the nitty gritty with his guests, finding out what it is that keeps their brains ticking at night and how they got to where they are now. Listen to stories from Barbra Streisand’s childhood, then go all the way to Bernie Sanders and his polarizing political views. Here’s The Thing will challenge, entertain and amuse you all at once.

Snoop Dogg | Double G News Podcast

Hide yo’ kids cuz Snoop D-O-Double-G is here and his podcast is exactly what you’re expecting, plus a whole lot more. An all-star guest list from the entertainment world joins Snoop for full length interviews talking ‘bout anything and everything, and trust us, we mean everythingggg. #PuffPuffPass Tuesdays is the most chilled out segment you will listen to this week, and ‘hood news’ catches you up on all things pop culture, Snoop style that is.

Paula Deen | What’s Cooking

The mother of American cooking, Paula Deen, is here to teach you all her kitchen hacks (via podcast) that will make you the best chef in the house. Joined by her son Bobby, they throw it back to the Deen house when he was a little one and let us in on how to make the ultimate southern fried chicken. We know you’ll be making it as soon as you are physically able to. Trust us on this one, Paula should have included stretchy pants in the recipe, they’re a must.

Russell Brand | Under The Skin

Sitting down with people from all walks of life with the goal to uncover what’s beneath the surface of them and the ideas of our culture, Russell Brand is sure to get you thinking after listening to his great podcast. With the help of professors, celebrities, survivalists and beyond, he attempts to break down the constructs of our society and determine what exactly makes the human race tick. Thinking caps on team.

Snooki | It’s Happening With Snookie And Joey

Snookie and her BFF Joey are here to spill the tea on all things Hollywood gossip, celebs and pop culture news, you better believe these two will have you in stitches by the 30-second mark. A glass of vino is a must with this one, just to add to the experience. Celeb friends join the podcast, including foodie god Jonothan Cheban, to chat everything from Netflix shows to fitness hacks. Strap in for the rollercoaster that is (and can only be), Snookie.

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Image Credit: It’s Happening with Snookie and Joey

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