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Add Some Food Porn To Your Feed With The Best Chefs To Follow On Instagram

By Ben Tyers
12th Aug 2019

Best Chefs on Instagram

Your Instagram feed is a sacred thing, you've got to keep it looking its best. From homewares you'll probably never be able to afford, to the homes of people you've never met that set a ridiculous expectation, there's a lot happening on Instagram that you need to keep on top of.

If you need a break from everything you can't have, why not tip into something a little more accessible—food. And lots of it.

Famous chefs from all over the world are putting out food porn daily on Instagram that you need to know about. Here are our picks of the best chefs to follow.

David Chang


The man who famously said the idea of beetroot on a burger was simply wrong happens to own a pretty good Instagram feed.

David Chang's life is surrounded by food, keep an eye on all the stuff he's eating, the celebrities he's eating with, alongside behind the scenes from his Ugly Delicious Netflix series.

Matty Matheson


The larger than life Canadian chef can be seen all over the internet at the moment, and recently toured Australia with his An Evening With Matty Matheson show.

Matty Matheson travels all over the world and discovers some of the most over the top food you'll find. You'll also be able to keep an eye on his festival 'Matty-Fest', which has Wu-Tang Clan headlining.

Katherine Sabbath


Taking home baking to another level, Katherine Sabbath's Instagram posts are filled with colourful cakes that are sure to make you drool.

She's not only famous for her cakes but also her style, so while you're enjoying the sugar hit you can get some style tips while you're at it.

Matt Stone


Yarra Valley chef Matt Stone is one to watch if you've got a passion for food made from the freshest ingredients.

The whole ethos of Stone's cooking revolves around using produce from the local area, and will give you inspiration on how to use ingredients you might not know what to do with.

Janice Wong


If you've got a sweet tooth then it's hard to look past Janice Wong's bright and chocolatey Insta-feed.

The owner of 2am:dessert bar creates amazingly intricate chocolates and desserts that will have you wanting to fly to Singapore to give them a try.

Dave Pynt


Dave Pynt from Singapore's Burnt Ends takes photos that are sure to bring on the meat sweats in anyone.

Lock your eyes on juicy burgers, slow-cooked meats, and sweet treats which are enough to make you instantly hungry.

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Image credit: Mel Desa

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