Step Away From Your Local Café | Here Are Australia’s Coolest Coworking Spaces

By Ben Tyers
21st Mar 2018


There’s nothing quite like the freedom of running your own business unless of course that freedom is constantly squashed by your mum and dad walking through what is supposed to be your office.

So, team, it’s time to move away from using the kitchen table as a desk, and don’t even think about spending 9-5 at your local café, they’re not that keen on having you there. Branch out and check out all the best coworking spaces your city has to offer.

Here are Australia’s best coworking spaces.


Gravity Coworking

If you’re looking for a spot in Melbourne that has it all, Gravity is the holy grail. With high-speed internet, shared kitchen facilities, quiet booths, and much more, Gravity has everything you need to set up your new enterprise.

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If you’re looking for a coworking space with a difference, Cobrew lives above 3 Ravens Brewery, so a cold refreshing ale is never too far away if you’re having a tough arvo. The space is set up with a boardroom, meeting rooms, kitchen, and regular workstations.

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One of Melbourne’s most well-known coworking spaces, Inspire9 has spaces available in both Richmond and across the Maribyrnong in Footscray. You’ll find desks, multi-purpose meeting rooms, along with all the AV facilities you’ll need.

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Other Melbourne spaces worth checking out:


Muse Building

This five-storey heritage listed building used to be home to Chung Lun & Co clothing, but now is set up with everything you need to set up your business. With working desks, communal boardrooms, and external courtyards, this joint has everything you need to set up shop.

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Gravity Coworking

Gravity in Sydney has everything that you’ll find in their Melbourne set up. You can also grab some fresh air after that client meeting in their outdoor space.

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Work Club

If you’re in need of a space that looks as slick as your business sounds, then Work Club may just be the place for you. With all the bells and whistles you need to look your most profesh, Work Club is definitely worth a visit.

Find out more here.

Other Sydney spaces worth checking out:


River City Labs

Backed by Shark Tank judge Steve Baxter, River City Labs has private office space, meeting rooms, boardrooms, along with presentation spaces available.

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The Cove

If you’re looking to class your business up a notch, then The Cove has exactly what you need. With an on-site business concierge and the use of a BMW i3 (yep), it’s definitely a classy joint.

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Gravity Coworking

Not to be left out, Brisbane also has a Gravity Coworking space. Full of light and with a mixture of open plan desks and meeting spaces, Gravity is the perfect spots for enterprising entrepreneurs from BrisVegas.

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Other Brisbane spaces worth checking out:



FLUX members get access to a massive range of resources including a hardware maker space with 3d printers, and they currently have a network of more than 800 entrepreneurs, startups, corporates, not-for-profits amongst others.

Find out more here.


Riff has everything Perthling’s need to go out on their own and create a multi-global enterprise. Meeting spaces, and room for events, Riff is definitely a spot to consider setting up in.

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Liberty gives you flexible options for coworking, whether you’re looking for a longer term space, or just hot desking—they’ve got you covered.

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Other spots around the country worth checking out:

If you’re looking for a small space, or even if you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash by renting out a desk you might have available—check out Spacebar. You’ll find everything from single desks, to private spaces, to car parks.

Image credit: Annie Spratt

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