Cover Your Face, Here’s Where To Buy Reusable Face Masks In Australia

By Ranyhyn Laine
19th Aug 2020

A woman in a face mask

While face masks are currently only required in Melbourne right now, and strongly recommended in Sydney, there’s nothing stopping anyone in the rest of Australia from putting one on when you leave the house. If the growing number of mask wearers everywhere is anything to go by, people are taking the World Health Organisation’s advice seriously, and donning the face covers to protect both themselves and others. 

While masks are only effective in certain situations (read up on the WHO’s guidelines here), and should not be used as a substitute for physical distancing and good hygiene (so wash those hands), they certainly won’t do any harm, and can protect those around you, as well as yourself—even if it’s just stopping yourself from touching your face. If you are looking for a re-usable face mask to wear when one is needed, or just to have on hand in case, here’s where to buy them in Australia right now. 

The Iconic 

The Iconic has stacks upon stacks of face masks listed online, and are adding more every week. If you’re looking for a massive choice of fabrics, styles, breathability and even colour, this is where to start. Find the whole range here.


Kathmandu has created an antimicrobial Paladin face mask that combines two wool-based technologies that work together to reduce the build-up of moisture and heat. You can check them out here.


If you’re looking to match a mask to a specific outfit, Revolve has your back. They’ve got protective face masks in everything from lace to sequins to chain mail (no, really), you’ll find a match for every item of clothing you own. Check them all out here. 

Rainbow Coloured tulle face mask

Lirika Matoshi 

These dainty, embroidered masks were first seen on Zoe Foster Blake when she posted a photo of herself wearing one, and we can see why they were her first choice. Choose from a strawberry, daisy, heart or star adorned mask, all with an adorable tulle covering. 


Bonds is creating 100 percent cotton masks with adaptive cooling technologies, sold in packs of three, and you can bet they’re as comfy as your favourite Bonds undies are. Get them out here. 

Cotton On

Cotton On has a cute range of face masks in patterns like red tartan, tie-dye and leopard (if it's a Joe Exotic vibe you're going for). We also love the cat mask. Fun fact, 100 percent of proceeds from masks sold go to the Cotton On Foundation’s global education projects and healthcare initiatives. Check it out here

Clear Collective 

If you're worried about mass condensation and are after a valved mask, Clear Collective has a range of triple-layered masks with replaceable filters. This Australian crew have been making masks since pollution levels skyrocketed last year during the bushfires, so they know what they're doing when it comes to filtering out nasties. They come in a few different colours, and you can check them out here.

an array of face masks

The Social Outfit 

From down in Sydney, The Social Outfit is a social enterprise dishing out some colourful masks. We also love their buy one, give one policy, which means for every mask you buy, one is donated to a person in need. Demand is high, but they re-stock their online reserves every Sunday at 10am. Check them out here


Bundarra is a First Nations sportswear label made using prints from authentic Indigenous artwork. They have a number of face masks available in awesome prints, all of which are currently available for pre-order.  Each mask comes with two complementary filters. Shop here


Available in cute gingham as well as plain black and white, Gorman’s cotton face masks feature a single-use nano meltblown fabric filter to be replaced after each wear (you can buy multi-packs on the site). Check them all out here.

a person wearing a face mask

Clothing The Gap 

If you haven’t heard of Clothing The Gap, this Victorian Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise creates merch that funds health and education programs. Their three-ply masks feature artwork by Gunditjmara woman, Laura Thompson and are proudly made in Melbourne, helping the local economy. 


Our favourite Melbourne-based streetwear label slash social enterprise HoMie is bringing the goods with their own super cool face masks. As with any HoMie purchase, 100% of the profits go to homelessness and people in need. Shop here

Voyager Maks 

These eco-friendly masks are made with chitosan, a natural product derived from shells that is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, organic and biodegradable—basically, they tick all the boxes and then some. Shop them here

 a face mask with line art on it

Sara Sidari 

These triple-layer, organic pure linen masks are like art for your face, with a printed design from Melbourne-based designer and artist Sara Sidari. The designs sell out regularly, but if they do, just keep checking back for new drops.


Melbourne-based social enterprise Sister Works exists to help empower migrant women through work, and sales from their awesome face masks helps them to continue to provide support to vulnerable communities. Shop here

Second Stitch 

This Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation employs women from asylum-seeker and refugee backgrounds, with profits going to help those in need. Buy their masks here.

Want more? Check out some local brands doing face masks in Sydney and Melbourne

Image credit: Kevin Turcios, Lirika Matoshi , The Social Outfit, Clothing The Gap, Sara Sidari

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