7 Of The Best Finance Apps You Need To Help Get On Top Of Your Cash

By Jasmyn Hutin
4th Feb 2020

best finance apps

So, you’ve emptied your bags, cleaned out the car and looked under the couch. Still don’t know where your money went? And payday is ages away. We feel you. All those bills, all those birthdays, all those Flash Sale Fridays, all those crazy cocktails we keep telling you to go and hunt down. 

Eventually, we need to start adulting and make a budget. If this idea is already giving you the tummy-knots, stay calm. We’ve done the digging and found seven of the best finance apps which will have you feeling like a budget-ninja in no time. Call it atonement for all the money we make you haemorrhage on the daily.

Now let’s all do this together, before they cut off our phones.

Your Bank's App

It's 2020 people. Whatever bank you're with has an app, and probably a pretty good one. So before you go downloading all the fancy finance apps out there, you might want to start by having a good look at what's going on in your bank account and keeping an eye on everything on the regular—but you're already doing all of that, right? Remember you can probably also pay your bills and set up recurring payments to kick start your savings in this app.


Time to set some goals. We’ll start humble (pay off the bloody credit card) and then get downright lofty. We like the Qapital app for that. It allows us a few guilty pleasures while keeping us within our limits. For the team-players, it even lets you set goals with your mates. And if you're truly suck at putting a little something aside for a rainy day, you can ‘round-up’ to make all your purchases even, with the change going directly to your savings. We feel richer already!


This app promises us ridiculous simplicity. Yeah, we like the sound of that, too. It integrates directly with all the major banks, tracks your spending, sends you alerts for unusual fees and offers a weekly summary of your spending. Because those inconvenient truths are more easily digested when presented as a pretty pie graph. 

Track My Spend

Do you have a side-hustle going on? Go you! Claim all of the tax! But holding onto receipts is a bit of a struggle, so you need to download Track my Spend. Snap a pic of your receipt and it’s stored in your phone, ready for tax time, no shoebox required. You can also download the data to a spreadsheet for further analysis if you want to go next-level.


Fallouts over money are so petty—and so yesterday. Splitwise is here to save your share-house, group holiday or brunch-club from imploding in a passive-aggressive sh*tstorm. Set up a group with your buds and let this clever little app keep a running total of who-owes-what. It also emails reminders when the rent is due or when you forget to pay someone back. No more nasty notes on the fridge! The best part is, you may just find that everything evens out over time. Because your mates are awesome, and so are you.

The Pineapple Project

Not exactly an app, but just trust us when we tell you to open your podcast app and subscribe to The Pineapple Project. In this accessible AF series, Jan Fran breaks down the psyche of spending. She promises to teach us how to become so savvy with our dollar—apparently we can have a house and smashed avos for days. Bonus points for talking to us like a friend and not like a Dad. She’s basically our new spirit animal.


If you feel like you're pretty on top of your finances and you're ready to start investing, but not really sure where to start, go and download Raiz. You can choose to 'round-up' your daily coffee (or whatever else you're spending your money on) and invest the change; set up a daily, weekly or monthly investment; or just invest a one off lump sum. The Raiz team then invests that money into one of six diversified portfolios which range from conservative to aggressive. Just remember there are some fees, so make sure you read the fine print!

To keep you motivated, here are five simple steps to future-proof your finances. 

Image credit: Guille Faingold

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