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Put Your Best Foot Forward With 8 Of The Best Foot Peels Out There

By Lillian Curthoys
1st Jun 2020

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If your weekly self-care routine includes everything from face masks, body oils and exfoliators, but you’re not taking care of your feet, then respectfully, what are you doing? They might be the furthest away from what you consider self-care central, but keeping your feet happy, healthy and smooth (we think) is a really important step in feeling overall good. And is there a better way to take care of your metatarsals than to peel away all the dead skin and impurities? We say no.  

We’ve found some of the best foot peels and masks that will melt away your calluses and hard skin, leave your feet feeling fresh, and also give you some entertainment as your dead skin disintegrates. 

Starskin Magic Hour Exfoliating Double Layer Foot Masks 

Cost: $26

Get ready to show off your silky smooth feet with the help of the Starskin Magic Hour Exfoliating Double Layer Foot Masks. Slip your feet into the serum-infused inner layers and let the innovative and nourishing mask remove all your dead skin without any harsh scrubbing. 

Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

Cost: $18

The unique formula inside the Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid, fortified with fruit extract, is the perfect way to painlessly remove all the dead skin on your feet, and leave them feeling fresh and smooth. But be aware, it takes 5 days for the product to fully work, so don’t give up on it too early. 

Baby Foot Exfoliant Pack 

Cost: $18.95

With a one hour treatment that starts to peel off your dead skin in two days, the Baby Foot Exfoliant Pack is the first step to take on the journey to smooth feet. The pack comes with a pair of socks that contain the peeling gel, all you have to do is slip your feet into them and wait for the results. 

Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Foot Pad 

Cost: $25.99

All hail Milky Foot, the OG foot peel that kicked off the trend of peeling dead skin off your feet in the name of supple skin. The intense peeling action does all the exfoliating work for you, and in a few days, the dead skin comes right off. Bravo. 

Dermal Therapy Exfoliating Foot Mask

Cost: $19.95

For the best kind of podiatric pampering, look to the Dermal Therapy Exfoliating Foot Mask that promises to remove hardened skin and rejuvenate your tired feet. The six calming and conditioning ingredients come packed in the sock packs, and the skin will start to peel off in 4-7 days. 

Oh K! Exfoliating Green Apple Foot Peel

Cost: $17

Full of natural fruit acids that will have your feet shedding their dead skin in 4-6 days, the Oh K! Exfoliating Green Apple Foot Peel is the cult K-beauty foot peel you’ve been searching for. With uber cute packaging, the stimulating essence will have your feet feeling smooth and smelling fresh. 

Sunday Rain Watermelon Foot Mask 

Cost:  $16

Made solely because your feet deserve good things, the Sunday Rain Watermelon Foot Mask contains real watermelon extract that exfoliates and removes dead skin. All wrapped up in the gorgeous smell of watermelon, this peel will leave your feet revitalised, smooth and soft. 

Barber Pro Foot Peel Mask

Cost:  $16

Formulated with 16 botanical and fruit extracts, the Barber Pro Foot Peel Mask removes dead skin after seven days, and leaves your feet feeling supple and smooth. All you have to do is don the booties, let your feet sit for a maximum of 90 minutes, and soak up all the pampering and rejuvenating juices. 

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Image credit: Lexie Barnhorn

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