Place An Order, These 10 Australian Distilleries Are Now Making Hand Sanitiser

By Lillian Curthoys
2nd Apr 2020

Best Hand Sanitiser

Keeping everyone in high spirits usually has a different meaning, but given the shortages and restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, not only have businesses had to change their modus operandi, but high spirits has come to mean something else as well. All around the country, distilleries are putting their best foot and spirits forward, easing up on the production of their alcoholic goods to add in a new product line to buy online—hand sanitiser.

We’ve put together some of the best hand sanitisers made by Aussie distilleries, keeping people working and extending a friendly hand to those battling on the front line.

*Most of the distilleries have weekly batches made, so fear not if they’re temporarily sold out. 

Brisbane Distillery

Offering up healthcare sized batches, as well as household and individual sizes, Brisbane Distillery is leading the charge in South East Queensland, staying true to their roots with their 80% ethanol sanitiser. Brisbane Distillery’s hand sanitiser is made in large batches and is hospital grade, perfect for freshening up those hard working-from-home hands. 

Grandad Jack's 

Already onto their fifth release of sanitiser, Grandad Jack’s has embraced the transition from alcohol to antiseptic, their sanitiser boasting some pretty sweet botanicals like lemon myrtle, grapefruit and rosehip. Their sanny (that’s the new slang, right?) can disinfect both your hands and your surfaces, made by the Grandad Jack family for your family. 

Archie Rose

Joining the effort to bolster supplies nation-wide, Archie Rose has also jumped in on the sanitiser game, combining botanicals from their 100% natural stock used in their gin to make a grapefruit, cassia, cardamom and thyme sanitiser. Overwhelmed by the demand, Archie Rose has a waitlist you can subscribe to for updates about stock availability. 

Husk Distillers

Husk Distillers' hand sanitiser is the product of their giant still adapting to public demand, made from rectified gin heads and tails with a residual lemon myrtle scent. Their sanitiser is for all surfaces and can be decanted into a spray bottle or pump pack, but give them some time to process your order, they’re pretty flat out. 

Noosa Heads Distillery

Buying local is always best, and Noosa Heads Distillery is taking a different approach to hand sanitiser, in that you provide the container, and they provide the sanny. Rock up to their distillery with your container in hand, practise social distancing as you wait, and then fill up with sanitiser at $5 per 100ml. 

Cape Byron Distillery

Offering up a recyclable bottle and an equally impressive 70% ethanol sanitiser, Brookie’s Hand & Surface Sanitiser from Cape Byron Distillery is doing its part during this sanny shortage. A 100% vegan formula is sure to get you rubbing your hands together and keeping them germ-free at the same time. 

Manly Spirits Co

Made from dry gin, Manly Spirits Co hand sanitiser embodies a delicious gin aroma, and keeps your hands clean at the same time. Having already given out 5L containers of sanitiser to local community groups, Manly Spirits Co is providing for everyone, with a free 50mL of their best hand sanitiser gifted with every alcohol purchase. 

Tambourine Mountain Distillery

Offering up 100ml–700ml bottles of glorious hand sanitiser, Tamborine Mountain Distillery is crafting one of the best hand sanitisers on the market, the production of which supports local healthcare workers and keeps their boutique distillery operating. Their tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus infused sanitiser is paired with free shipping, there’s just a limit of four units per customer. 

Mr Black

Mostly known for their coffee liqueur, Mr Black transitioned to navy-strength hand sanitiser in the light of the global pandemic, produced with their friends and partners at Distillery Botanica in Erina, NSW. If they’re sold out, you can always support their business by buying some dang delicious coffee liqueurs while you wait for a restock. 

Wise Wine

Wise Wine produces some of the best wine in the Margaret River region and not so long ago, they turned their attention to producing Pisco; you know, the alcohol used in your pisco sour. For now, they’ve stopped the Pisco production and are instead using the alcohol to make surface and hand sanitiser. They’ve put on extra staff and are working 24 hours a day to churn out as much of the 70% ethanol sanny as possible. With capacity to make about 300L a day in their still, they are sourcing local grapes to keep up with demand and they’ve outsourced the bottling to a local family to share the love around. Speaking of bottles, there’s a shortage of small plastic bottles so they are using their 750ml wine bottles. Do not, we repeat, do not mistake this for wine. Shoot them an email to order.

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Image credit: Brookie’s Gin

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