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By Urban List Writers
10th Jun 2016

Pickachu is getting a new name and people are outraged. This is essentially a full frontal assault on our childhood.

This man’s tattoo of a cookie recipe is the most beautiful and eloquent expression of body art I have ever seen. #tatinspo

This guy proposed to his girlfriend on a Mario game and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll watch all week. Where does one purchase a bae like this?

These knock off Bose speakers have given a whole new meaning to "Made in China".

Guys, this company will pay you to eat bacon all day. Start prepping your answer to interview questions such as "tell me about a time you went above and beyond for bacon".

Here is the infamous GoT intro: Strya’ edition. Total C-bomb count: 47

Ok, so Japan got up to some weird shit this week. Because normal human beings aren't entertaining enough, here are the two girls from your childhood trauma The Grudge and The Ring going head to head in a game of baseball. Legit.

Then a group of high school chicks managed to hatch actual chicks without shells by using cling wrap and a fridge. Double legit.

Fact: There are currently no vegetable Emojis. And no you fool, eggplants are actually a fruit and corn is a maize. Do not question my knowledge. Well the days of vege discrimination are now over because we’re finally getting the 72 new Emojis we’ve been waiting for. Life = complete.

This epic video proves we are actually so close to achieving real life human flying. 

Stare at this image of Ed Sheeran and his doppleganger and try not to trip out, we dare you.

Written By: Michelle Liu
Image Credit: Huh Magazine

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