Best Of The Web This Week

By Simone Jovel
30th Jun 2017

This Epic Auckland Bar Has A Menu Dedicated To Cheese!

Netflix is letting us choose our OWN adventure.

Rosé deodorant exists. Yep, smelling like a boozehound is now on fleek.

Ken got a man bun—which is waaaaaay more exciting than a dad bod.

If you wear this Donald Trump bathing suit we quite frankly can’t be friends.

Stop everything! S’more cone churros exist!

How much would you spend on a paper clip?

First it was castles; now Italy is giving away free houses! 

Do not freak out…France is running out of cheese! 

If you love your dog they need this jacket.

Nintendo officially gave us all the feels this week and no Mum, we will not share with our brother/sister/dog. 

The world just scored a Game of Thrones themed bar. Yep.

Speaking of Nintendo, we kinda miss the 90s.

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