Best of The Web This Week

By Sophia McMeekin
6th Mar 2015

This week we’re all about the creepy sausage dessert mashups. Here’s a breakfast corndog (sausage wrapped in pancake). And a churro hot dog (a churro wrapped in éclair).

Vince Vaughn and co. have basically broken the internet by posing for some iStock images.

Sad news for man-bun fans everywhere, Jared Leto has cut off his glorious, glorious hair, returning the title of Shiniest Hair Ever to that bitch Olivia Palermo.

Have a pashun for fashun? Ever wondered if your career prospects would be improved by adopting a signature hairstyle? Sounds like you need some career advice from Anna Wintour!

Forget monogrammed sweaters. Personalised Nutella jars are a thing.

If you’re regularly plagued by the daily choice between an afternoon coffee or an afternoon vino, here’s a handy guide to your work-brain on both uppers and downers.

Move over tagine, there’s a new must-have kitchen accessory on the scene, promising to evily turning your vegetables into something that vaguely resembles pasta, but is not pasta.

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Image credit: Arizona Diamondbacks

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