Best Of The Web This Week

By Anna May
15th Jan 2016

Pizza scented candle

Best Of The Web This Week: A clickable smorgasbord of celebrity trash talk, food porn, good-to-knows, generally interesting chat-starters, and anything else we think you should know about from around the Internet. It’s your watercooler cheat sheet for the week. 

If your New Year’s resolution was to YOLO harder than you ever have in your life, take a note from the dude that rode a Razor scooter in the Sydney Cross City Tunnel. Not a single fuck given. 

Speaking of YOLO, ever wanted to spend top dollar on an edible gold doughnut? Here’s one, big spender.

Anyone else want Bowie back in their lives? Make your voice heard with this petition to God.

The people have spoken, and the people are saying “Yeah, what about Shannon Noll?”

In the ultimate old-dude move, Rupert Murdoch announced his engagement to Jerry Hall in the newspaper. The 25-year age gap isn’t gross in the slightest.

A DJ has made a Harry Potter-themed track titled Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Bangers. You just know he’s following it up with a #Swagrid remix.

This pizza-scented candle is the missing piece of the puzzle when your Netlflix and chill sessions aren’t ending in quite the bang you expected. Also available in nacho cheese and garlic, if you reach bang phase and just really want to pour hot, cheesy wax all over bae. 

Here are the best damn Netflix hacks you can get your binge-watching paws on. You are so ridiculously welcome.

Finally, 2016 can officially pack its bags and finish up, because there is no way the internet will get any better than this in the next 11.5 months. 


Image credit: The Stinky Candle Co.

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