Best Of The Web This Week

By Anna May
11th Mar 2016


A clickable smorgasbord of celebrity trash talk, food porn, good-to-knows, generally interesting chat-starters, and anything else we think you should know about from around the Internet. It’s your watercooler cheat sheet for the week. 

Taste of Streep is the thing you damn well deserve on a Friday morning.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the man with the best name in the world, has been reimagined as a chocolate bunny. No word on why he’s not a chocolate otter.

One of your favourite forgotten teen heart throbs is going to be a fashion designer. *Makes popcorn and sits back to watch unfold*

Kimmy K shushed all the haters with a statement on her nakie photo. Yeah, Kim, we totally believe you came up with that yourself.

But she doesn’t give a flying fork in a cafeteria, because this is how much cashola she makes in just one day. From her video game alone.

Taco-shaped doona-chair-awesome hybrid is the most important thing in the world right now. 

Everyone’s spirit animal, Tituss Andromesomething, will be producing his own Pinot Noir. Best enjoyed with slippers and the ‘flix. 

Telstra is going to need some aloe vera for that burn

'Souping' is the latest way to bore everyone around you with your diet.

Waffle cones aren't going anywhere. Except your Insta feed and your ass. 

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Get our top stories direct to your inbox.