Best Of The Web This Week

By Urban List Writers
6th May 2016

best of the web this week

Best Of The Web This Week: A clickable smorgasbord of celebrity trash talk, food porn, good-to-knows, generally interesting chat-starters, and anything else we think you should know about from around the Internet. It’s your watercooler cheat sheet for the week. 

UGH, just how good is Game Of Thrones? The only thing more amazing than Jon Snow being [I don't know because spoilers], *squeals* are these really bloody accurate reactions to how we all felt when we watched the latest episode.

Shellac GTFO, we now have KFC original recipe flavoured nail polish… there’s even an accompanying music video. What a time to be alive. #fingerlickinggood

But is it more versatile than this pizza box made out of pizza? How about these rainbow gem corns? I know, we're overwhelmed too.

Someone get me a job on that marketing team, because Woolies just got really goddamn sassy on Facebook. 

Is it bad that I always pray for news anchors to screw up for my own personal satisfaction? And Lisa Wilkinson, stop saying pussy please. It’s rather uncomfortable.

Fellas, bust out your floppy disk and open up that Google drive because here is 50 Shades of Grey: The Nerd’s Edition. Still a better love story than Twilight.

Snapchat first started out as a sharing ground for #nudez, but apparently they’re not all about that lyf anymore. Proof: watch these 2 strangers fall in love through their Snapchat story.

Bless. Let's just hope these she doesn’t bust him cheating, locking herself in his trunk and live tweeting the whole thing. Actually, lets hope she does because it would be really hilarious (again).

Plot twist: she’s now knocked up and isn’t able to raise the baby. Thank god for baby drop off boxes. (How is this even legal?)

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