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By Urban List Writers
24th Jun 2016

UGHHHH, THIS WEEK WAS JUST SO SATISFYING. Not only did we get the most epic episode of GoT ever, to top it all off JB stacks the shit through a trap door mid concert. BUT WAIT, it gets better. His ex-bae Selena follows suit and takes a dive at her own concert too! You can’t make this stuff up, people.    

The Bachelorette hasn't even started and shade is already getting thrown. This is going to be a good season kids. 

Thank you The Veronicas, I do love the smell of fresh Facebook savage in the morning.

Watt the fried chicken?! You can now charge your phone with your KFC box. Next thing you know were going to be connecting our Wi-Fi to our coffee.

Nup. No one should ever trust their boyfriend this much. EVER.

NZ Prime Minister’s (surprisingly good looking) son drops a terrible song and reinforces the stereotype that good looking people are just pretty faces.

Aside from deep and permanent psychological scarring, here is another reason why you shouldn't go watch The Conjuring 2.

When you ain’t got no nipples so you got to improv and use your fingertips instead.

I am going to frame this perfectly timed photo to serve as inspiration that anything is possible.

London traffic lights go LGBT and all faith in humanity is restored.

Now this is my type of exercise.

So apparently the Wiggles are big fans of State of Origin.

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