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By Sophia McMeekin
13th Feb 2015

On the eve of Saint Valentine’s Day, we’re feeling flirty and using food as a substitute for real human emotion way more than usual. Here’s the most mushy, gushy, loved-up, chocolate-dipped links from around the web this week.

One brave and very tired journo tried to fit all the sex from Fifty Shades of Grey into one little weekend. This is her story. 

In the name of all that is holy, it’s a GIANT Ferrero Rocher that you can make at home. You go on and eat those feelings.

This depressing fun website calculates the chances of you finding your soul mate.

It's the floral equivalent of a glitter bomb: this company will send your ex gerberas this Valentine's Day. The shame.

A word of warning: maybe don’t join Tinder when you’re sad this V Day

Essential Valentine’s Day date outfit inspiration: presenting, the six kind of dresses Jennifer Lopez wears.

Or, if you’re more of a Rules Girl (sorry, but snore), here’s Marcia Brady’s style book.

These 25 love songs need to be retired.

If you live in Montana your longstanding relationship with comfy loungewear might be about to come to an end. Yes, some (obviously male) nut is trying to have your yoga pants banned. Hold them close while you still can.

Image credit: Style Scoop

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