5 Online Language-Learning Courses To Get You Ready For Your Next Overseas Trip

By Jessica Best
15th Dec 2020

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If you’ve got a goal of learning a new language hard and fast, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the web high and low for the best online language courses for all types of learners. Whether you work best in gamified scenarios or need a certificate by the end of it, these online courses have all bases covered.

Check out the best online language-learning courses.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an online language course catering for 28 different languages. It’s big kicker is the fact that it features TruAccent, a patented speech recognition engine which gives you the opp to nail your pronunciation of new words. Along with this, Rosetta Stone is generally super easy to use and you can even go “offline” to learn a new language which means the learning never stops even when you’re three hours deep on your next road trip.

Duolingo Plus

For one of the best online language learning courses, Duolingo Plus should be your go-to. You’ll get a fully ad-free experience, ability to download lessons in the app for offline use and get unlimited skill test-outs. If you’re not learning a whole new language from scratch, this one is epic just to brush up on some more words and phrases and you’ll have over 30 different languages to choose from too.


It’s one of the most comprehensive language-learning courses available so it’s no surprise that Babbel is a top contender for any rookies out there. One of the best things about Babbel is that you can work this online course on any device which has been designed by over 100 linguists. There’s also interactive dialogues which get you speaking confidently, lessons spanning 10-15 minutes and reviews which bring back everything you’ve learned to keep all things fresh. You can also categorise the reason you’re learning a new language, be it for fun or an upcoming trip, which will cater lessons to you accordingly.


Brace yourself for one of the biggest online courses for learning a new language… ever. Busuu stocks over 1000 lessons created by expert linguists which all get enhanced with machine learning tech including personalised study plans and even speech recognition. While it may not have the most languages to choose from, it’ll give you a suite of learning perfect for learning from scratch and you’ll walk away from the online course with an actual certificate of completion.


If fluency is what you’re after, head on over to the online language course called Mondly. Combining neural science and a little slice of cutting edge technology, Modly will get you speaking new languages in no time at all. There are 33 languages to choose from and you’ll lap up all the multilingual skills through a gamified approach to learning which, we all know is the most fun.

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