Fire Up Your Brain Cells With These 8 Out-Of-The-Box Online Workshops

By Sophie Oddo
25th Mar 2020

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Whether you have a specific passion, a business idea you’ve always wanted to run with or you're simply keen to stretch your brain's capacity outside your day job, there are plenty of online workshops to help give you your daily dose of brain food. From calling bullshit to learning the science of beer, here are eight atypical workshops to help strengthen, flex and electrify your brain. It’s time to get schooled. 

Master The Art Of Calling Bullshit

Now more than ever before, we find ourselves constantly bombarded with "news" from all angles, all claiming to be the ultimate source of truth. But the reality is, the world is awash with tabloid headlines and misinformation. Whether it’s from politicians, higher education, start-up culture, advertisers or even scientists, 'Calling Bullshit' aims to teach you how to think critically about data and models to constitute as evidence in social and natural sciences. Sounds like something you’d like to master? You'll be surprised at how handy a "no-bullshit" approach to data reasoning in a digital world really is. 

Discover Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Ah yes, the elusive art of making coin from your couch. Everyone wants to do it, but how and where do we start? Luckily for us Entrepreneur and IT professional Victor Gorinov’s Udemy class, ‘Passive Income’ serves up ten legit ways to make money online. Ease your way in with basic concepts, affiliate marketing, domain trading, investing in stocks, real estate and even monetising your YouTube (or Tik Tok if you’re that way inclined) account.

Learn The Craft Of Beer Brewing

Wine enthusiasts step aside, it’s time for beer lovers to turn your passion for sinking a cold one into a refreshingly educational experience with Australia Online Courses ‘Diploma Of Beer Brewing’. Consisting of three short courses, you’ll receive an advanced certificate of beer brewing, an advanced certificate of cellar-man studies and an advanced certificate in alcohol distilling. You'll be pouring beers for your crew post-COVID-19 in no time. 

Open Your Mind To The Science Of Wellbeing

We all know how important our physical and mental wellbeing is but what you probably didn’t know is that you can actually teach yourself to be happier. Hosted by psychology professor Laurie Santos, 'The Science Of Wellbeing' refutes the common misconceptions about what we believe will make us happy and sheds light on the scientific evidence that shows what truly does make us happy. The course teaches you strategies that can help to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, allowing you to focus on what really matters. 

Level Up Your Emotional Intelligence Prowess

While there is an abundance of online learning tools that provide accessible and easy ways to improve intellectual intelligence, it’s also a great way to help fine-tune human skills, more specifically, emotional intelligence. This course does just that, outlining the concept of emotional intelligence, why it’s important for both personal and professional development and how to apply ideas that can assess and improve your confidence and performance through developing EI. 

Commit To Finally Learning A New Language

At one point or another, we've all tried to commit to learning a new language—or if you haven’t, you’ve definitely thought about it. Not only does speaking another language make you appear worldly and fabulous, but it also ramps up your CV and expands your employable horizons. Alison can help you achieve your multilingual dreams, offering a range of courses in some of the most widely used languages in the world, from simple introductions to language specifically around eating at restaurants. Oui oui!

Tackle The First Steps To Your Start-Up

Always dreamed of starting your own business but don’t know where, start? Udacity’s ‘How to Build a Startup’ Steve Blank provides insight into the key steps needed to build a successful startup. The first step? Developing and testing ideas by gathering mass amounts of customer and marketplace feedback. In this course you’ll learn to search for pain points and customer needs, helping you to find a solution and suitable business model. Sounds easy enough, right? 

Geek Out With An App Creating Course

There’s no denying, apps are where it’s at when it comes to smartphone usage and screen time. So, if you’ve ever considered delving into the big bad world of mobile apps, you’ll be pleased to know Udemy serves up an online beginner course to steer you in the right direction. Using the same tools and techniques used to make the top apps in the App Store, this course is great for those with zero coding experience and even shows you how to submit your ideas to the App Store. We’re coming for you Candy Crush.

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