Bless Your Ears With 7 Of The Coolest Work From Home Playlists

By Morgan Reardon
17th Mar 2020

best work from home playlists

If you’re one of the many people who have started working from home, then welcome to our rad crew. By now there’s a chance the novelty of wearing pyjamas all day long is starting to wear off, but because we’re experts when it comes to nailing the WFH life, we’re here to help. 

One the best parts about working from home? You get total control over the tunes, no more listening to Sandra from HR's greatest hits. Even better? Studies have shown that people who work in silence are actually slower and less proficient than their music-loving colleagues. 

To get you going, here are are our top playlists to get you through your new normal.

To Get Your Day Started Right…

Morning Motivation

This one does what it says on the box, it will motivate the hell out of you when you first log on in the morning. Featuring 80 tracks lasting four hours, this playlist is guaranteed to get your day off to a cracking start. Changing constantly, expect chill pop hits like Halsey’s Graveyard, Sam Smith’s How Do You Sleep? and Drax Project x SIX60’s Catching Feelings. No shame if you end up letting this one play into the arvo. Listen to it here

To Keep You On Top Of What’s Trending… 

Dazed’s The Only Tracks You Need to Hear

You can thank the cool kids at UK mag Dazed for pulling together this list of absolute bangers. Updated on the reg, so you can enjoy no matter how long you WFH, this four-hour playlist is loaded with this month’s sweetest sounds from international music-makers to gems from London’s underground. Previous vibes include Frank Ocean’s DHL, HAIM’s Now I’m Into It and Tame Impala’s It Might Be Time. You can listen to it here.

For A Lunch Time Jam Sesh…

Diplo And Friends Radio

Turns out not only does Diplo make epic hits, he also knows how to create a rad playlist that will keep you jamming all day long. Updated weekly (and currently sitting at nine hours and eight minutes long), Diplo and Friends features tracks from the man himself, his friends and anyone he’s vibing in the music scene. Take your lunch break to the next level with beats from the likes of Lil Nas, Tove Lo, Dom Dolla and DJ Snake. Get yourself acquainted here.

To Combat Cabin Fever…

Nature Sounds

If you’re taking your social distancing to the extreme, you could feel yourself getting a little stir crazy, which is where this peaceful playlist comes in. Combining all of the sweet sounds of nature, feel your shoulders slowly unhunch and any impending anxiety slip away while you listen to light forest rain, distant waterfalls, calm waves and a bubbling river. It’s a goodie to listen to at the end of the day too when you want to slowly unplug from work. Tune in here.

For When You Need To Get Shit Done… 

Video Game Soundtracks

On a deadline and need to zone out everything around you? This baby is for you! If you’re confused, stay with us because listening to music from video games is exactly what you need when you’re trying to focus. Think about it—video game music is purely designed to engage you, 'the player', in a game without distracting from it. Replace said game with your work task and you’re golden. Updated on the reg, expect soundtracks from old faves and new classics like Halo, Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher. Get focused here

For When The 3pm Slump Kicks In…

Rap Caviar

When that post lunch slump kicks in, this playlist will become your go-to. A mecca of epic hip hop beats, it’s basically every big-time rapper’s dream to be featured on this talent-filled playlist that’s cultivated over 12 million dedicated followers. On it you’ll find the likes of Drake, Mustard and Megan Thee Stallion. Featuring banger after banger, this beauty will have you dusting off those arvo cobwebs in no time. You can keep up to date with new additions right here.

To Make You Feel A Bit Special…

Cosmic Playlist 

If you prefer your music tastes to be lead by the stars, then you’ll want to plug into Spotify’s Cosmic playlists. The music giant has teamed up with astrology queen Chani Nicholas to curate a selection of beats that match perfectly with each star sign’s monthly theme. Even better, they’re all accompanied by a reading so you’re getting your mantra and jams all in the one spot. Expect hits from the likes of Lizzo, Tkay Maizda, Flume, Post Malone and Montaigne. Be inspired, here


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