Define The Ladder, Add These Popular Work From Home Jobs To Your Career Goals

By Jess Willemse
9th Apr 2020

jobs to do from home

If exhausting commutes and claustrophobic corporate attire is getting you down, it might be time to seriously consider a career change and look into working from home. With benefits like more time, sleep and coin, it’s easy to see why smashing the career ladder from the comfort of your own couch is so appealing. 

But, like, how do you actually get a working from home job? While many companies these days are offering flexible working arrangements, some industries are more into it than others. That’s why we’ve done the hard yards for you and compiled a list of 12 of the best remote working from home jobs around the grounds right now. Because let’s be real, sweatpants are better than suits any day of the week. 

Marketing And Media 

Content Writer 

Content is king they said (well, we’re pretty sure someone did) and thus, being a content writer is—in our humble opinion—one of the best work from home jobs. While you might initially imagine a content writer to cover off articles for digital publications and lifestyle news outlets, many businesses also demand written content for blog posts, web pages, social media and so on—the possibilities are endless. If you're looking for the one of the best jobs to do at home, this is it. 

Social Media Specialist 

We’re looking at all you digital natives out there, send social media specialist to the top of your list for a fun, energetic work from home gig. By developing captivating online content for Facebook, Instagram and uh, TikTok, you’ll stretch your creative and copywriting skills doing what you do best—creating conversations online.  

Graphic Designer 

Because visual language is increasingly becoming the way people communicate (hello memes, GIFs and emojis), graphic designers are highly sought after in all aspects of business. And for the most part, all you need is a laptop, some software and a decent cup of coffee—winning. Throw on your creative hat because this job involves designing digital content, brand graphics, social media posts and much more.  

Administration, Office Support And Customer Care

Customer Service Assistant 

With more and more retail operations moving their businesses online, there’s a growing demand for customer service jobs to help digital shoppers with any questions, concerns or issues they may have. These are usually online via chat portals or phone-based, so there’s no need to even get primped for a Zoom meeting—the dream. 

Virtual Assistant 

Even though technology is apparently meant to make things easier, for some reason there seems to be more admin to deal with than ever before. Introducing the virtual assistant job, where you’ll be someone’s right-hand helper on all the necessities like scheduling, taking phone calls, sorting food deliveries, managing emails and more. 

Data Entry Specialist 

While this one might turn off all you creatives, data entry is a skill that’s in high demand, with many companies requiring specialists who can manually collect and input data accurately as well as manage and maintain records and systems. And the best part? You don’t even need to leave your house to do it. If you’re an admin freak with a high attention for detail, this just might be for you.   

Education And Other 


Calling all language and culture enthusiasts, if you’re fluent in two languages, make bank on your skill by working from home as a translator. This could mean translating anything from corporate documents to audio and video recordings. Whether you’re keen to go freelance for some extra coin or join the ranks of an official translator business, there are options to suit everyone’s lifestyle.  

Childcare Worker Or Babysitter 

If you’re a big kid at heart, we’ve found the at-home gig for you. Depending on your qualifications (formal childcare requires you to have a Certificate in Early Childhood Care), you can offer a range of services from all-day care to early childhood education to before and after school care. However, if just hanging with kids is more your beat—cue Mario Kart matches on Playstation—why not look into offering at-home babysitting services? 

Online Tutor 

Whether you’re a professionally trained teacher, an experienced business person or an expert in a certain skill or software, there are opportunities galore for online tutors and teachers. This job will require a spot of entrepreneurial thinking and planning, as you need to define the value you have to offer, how you’ll deliver this to your students and how to grow your client base. But in exchange for all-day athleisure and skipping the rush hour commute, we promise it’s worth it. 

Offline Jobs

Pet Sitter

The perfect job doesn’t exis—oh wait, it does, and it’s a work from home pet sitter. As the ambitious corporates head out into the world each day, why not make some moolah looking after their most important companions—dogs and cats. And you can even take on extended stays for when your clients head out of town. Set your own rates and terms, this job offers maximum flexibility and cuteness all in one package. 

Airbnb Host

All you need to for this one is a banging home location and a keen eye for design. Get your spare room in shape with the latest interior trends—think warehouse chic or minimal Scandi living—snap some professional pics and consider your income sorted. Should you want to go the extra step, Airbnb now also offer the option to curate your own experiences as a host for a spot of extra coin—think at-home cooking classes or neighbourhood bar crawls.   

Hairdresser Or Beautician 

Whether you’re skilled in trimming those locks, upping that brow game or getting those nails on point, many hair and beauty experts can very easily set up shop from home. Forgo the commute and salon rental prices, and instead invest the time and money into growing your own business, brand and client base from the comfort of your own digs. 

Image Credit: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

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