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Settle In With 5 Of The Absolute Best Shows To Binge Your Way Through On NITV

By Jessica Best
19th Jun 2020

Rule family starring in Family Rules on NITV sitting on couch

The National Indigenous Television (or NITV) is a free-to-air channel you should absolutely be delving into on the regular.

This channel is made by, for and about First Nations and Torres Strait Islander people and is stacked with a rich diversity of cultures, languages and talent that you absolutely should be soaking up weekly. There’s a plethora of epic shows to binge your way through, the channel actually kicked off back in 2007 so it’s a mammoth vault of TV-time with hundreds of documentaries and movies too, and to help you navigate its jam-packed programs, we’ve rounded up the absolute best.

Here are the best shows to binge on NITV.

Family Rules

We love us some solid reality TV so clear your schedule for Family Rules. This series follows an Indigenous family through the eyes of nine sisters and their mother as they navigate their way through their teenage years and adulthood. Not only are these women an eleven on the scale of hilarious and witty, but they’ve completely changed the landscape and perception of modern reality TV (this series could more or less be described as a docu-series as well). Family Rules is a really beautiful, and addictive for that matter, show which depicts a Noongar/Ngadju family with strong ties to their cultural identity in Australia.

Our Stories

If you’re keen to broaden your horizons on the entertainment front and learn at the same time, Our Stories is your jam. The ground-breaking short documentary initiative contains over 100 episodes which share the history, culture and language of indigenous Australia through stories of elders, youth and collective communities. Each episode is self-contained and spans around 15 minutes so you can even treat yourself to some serious learning during your lunch break.

Kriol Kitchen

For all the massive foodies out there, look no further than Kriol Kitchen. We guarantee this series will give you some serious drool-face, especially because sisters Ali and Mitch Torres are absolute food magicians. Kriol cuisine combines traditional flavours and ingredients from Indigenous Australia, Malaysia, China, Japan and the Philippines. It’s all about sharing family stories and recipes, so you can expect some wholesome jokes and even more wholesome feeds to be created. You’ll get to watch the sisters whip up the likes of pan-fried pearl shell in garlic butter, spicy chicken with fried chilli eggs, gooli (turtle) chilli tamarind sambal and, our personal favourite, chilli fish and mango cheesecake with bush passionfruit topping.

The Point

The Point is a weekly news and current affairs show packed with considered analysis, interviews and a distinctive Indigenous approach that investigates current cultural, political and social issues from a fresh perspective. Recently, the show took a deep dive back into the history of black protests in Australia off the back of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Living Black

This long-standing news program is another epic show worth your time every week. It’s Australia’s lead Indigenous current affairs show and spills comprehensive coverage of the important issues affecting First Nations and Torres Strait Islanders. Hosted by Karla Grant, the half-hour episodes shine a spotlight on a bunch of issues and stories which remain largely ignored by mainstream media. Living Black also includes an all-Indigenous production team who assemble the mix of stories aired.

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