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Take The Plunge And Get Inked By 8 Of Australia’s Best Tattoo Artists

By Sophie Hodges
25th Jul 2019


For some people getting inked is NBD, for others, it's a daunting life-long commitment, but one thing we all have in common: we don't want it to end up cooked. Bottom line is, inking your body permanently is a big commitment, and you should absolutely do your research (and not let your friend who bought a kit of e-Bay do it). There are some unbelievable tattoo artists all around the country, and we've done you the favour of wrapping up some of the best. 

Nat G


You'll find Nat at Good Luck Tattoo parlour in Richmond and her work is straight-up stunning. 


Thank you to super angel @ymagoo ❤️ absolutely love tattooing all your ideas when I’m in Sydney

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Shane Wilcox


Shane is the definition of an all-rounder, he'll nail basically anything you're after. 



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Lauren Winzer


Based in Sydney, Lauren's pieces are one of a kind. 



If you're looking to dedicate some ink to your four-legged friend, look no further. 


. �� . Thank you Donna . @littlegoldstudios .

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Zach Hart


Sailor Jerry? Zach's your guy.


Thanks Joel

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Cholo is one of the most sought after fine line tattoo specialists, and looking at his 'gram you can see why.



You'll find Chantel at Trailer Trash Tattoo's in Brisbane, and it's safe to say she's the queen of Martin Prince.


More 'Simpsons' Goodtimes for @flyingtophats ✌��️

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Yeah Dope


Based in Adelaide, Yeah Dope does some sick contemporary pieces.


YO! Yo-yo Thanks Kahlia!

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On an art kick? Take a dive into the deep end with Anthony Lister.

Image credit: Eldad Carin

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