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9 TED Talks You Need To Listen To Right Now

By Mathew Trenear
10th Jun 2018


Settle in team, it’s time to get inspired (in a BIG way). We all know TED talks as inspiring talks by some of the world’s most influential people in their fields. They’re generally addressing how we can change and shape the world we live in to make it better for all of us. But let’s be real, there’s a lot to search through. Well, we’ve just gone and done the dirty work for you—we’ve found nine of the most impactful, useful and sometimes just funniest TED talks on the web.

Grab a snack, a notepad and a cup of tea to drink with your pinky out (because you just became #wokeAF) and watch/listen to these amazing TED talks. 

A Woman's Fury Holds Lifetimes Of Wisdom | Tracee Ellis Ross

Kicking off this list is an incredible talk from the influential actress, model and comedian Tracee Ellis Ross. She walks us through one of her friend’s story who had an experience at the grocery store that triggered an inner fury she could only describe as well, fury. The talk discusses and breaks down how the “global collection of women’s experiences can no longer be ignored”. She’ll open your eyes to how women have been treated in the past, how this has shaped our societies, and how without being aware of it, men will continue to operate in ways which degrade and dehumanise women and their bodies. It sounds deep and that’s because it is. Listen to it here

How Great Leaders Inspire Action | Simon Sinek

Taking a look at some of the world’s most influential leaders, (think Steve Jobs, MLK and the Wright brothers) in this TED Talk, Simon Sinek unpacks the techniques these people used to inspire and influence people. For example, in the case of Apple, you must not only “tell what you do,” but you must “sell what you do,”  for people to actually understand and connect with your brand. Interesting, no? Watch it here.

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are | Amy Cuddy

Sit down and start scribblin’ in that notepad of yours as Amy Cuddy tells you how to become the most successful version of yourself. She’ll take you through the ins and outs of body language and how power poses can influence the way we all interact with our fellow humans. You’ll get a run down on how to nail a job interview and even score a few tips to help boost your confidence. Basically, you can’t just fake it till you make it anymore, you’ve gotta fake it till you BECOME it, and that’s just what we’ll do *insert power pose here*. Watch it here.

How To Speak So That People Want To Listen | Julian Treasure

We all have the most powerful tool on earth, a voice. And in this TED Talk, Julian Treasure explains that nothing else in the world has started wars, or can say “I love you”. In this TED talk you’ll learn the seven deadly sins of speaking which sounds scary, we know, but you’ll basically learn that gossip, negativity and complaining (amongst others) should be avoided at all costs. Get the low down on the HAIL framework (we’ll let Julian break this down one for you) and come out the other end as the best damn speaker you’ve ever been. Watch it here.

Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator | Tim Urban

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through the mind of a serial procrastinator, this one’s for you. This hilarious talk by Tim Urban dives deep, using an interesting metaphor known as the “instant gratification monkey”, to depict the inner workings of the mind. He also uses the “dark playground” and the “panic monster,” (I know this sounds like a children’s novel but stay with me here), to visually demonstrate how a procrastinator doesn’t feel the need to complete a task until as close as humanly possible to the deadline. By the end of the talk, you will be questioning every life choice you’ve ever made and why you didn’t start that health-kick sooner. Watch it here.

The Happy Secret To Better Work | Shawn Achor

We all want a job we actually enjoy doing every day, right? Shawn Achor has spent years finding out what is it that makes us enjoy work and why we achieve more in some fields than others. You might assume that if you work super hard, you will perform better at work, and you'll therefore become happier, right? Well, he’s here to challenge that during this surprisingly hilarious talk, explaining that we’re able to rewire our brains to learn and adapt in certain ways that are triggered by enjoyable moments in our lives. It’s basically all about one big cycle of productivity and happiness. Watch it here.

Do Schools Kill Creativity? | Ken Robinson

Ex-university professor Ken Robinson is talking about education systems around the globe and the hierarchy of subjects within them. He breaks it down to the fact schools begin to train us from the waist up. First with our arms through play in our childhood, then our heads for speaking and interacting with others, then finally our brains—and more specifically, one side of them—for critical and analytical thinking. From here he dives deep into what subjects are most important at school and, long story short, he justs wants to know why we there aren’t compulsory dance classes for all and that’s something we can get behind. Watch it here.

How I Turn Negative Online Comments Into Positive Offline Conversations | Dylan Marron

Digital creator and self-confessed millennial, Dylan Marron, dives deep into online trolls and how they have impacted him as a creator on the internet. His witty humour and relaxed vibe made the talk light hearted, while carrying a deeper message underneath it all. While talking with people who’ve left hate comments on his YouTube videos, Dylan discovers these internet bullies are dealing with their own personal issues. This one’s a goodie. Watch it here.

Image Credit: via Unsplash

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