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The Best of The Web This Week

By Sophia McMeekin
14th Nov 2014

You know it's a slow news week when a well oiled ass is headlining. To keep you up to date with all the latest celebrity tuccas news, and to help you waste some time, here are our favourite links from around the web this week.

Yes, this week will forever be known as the time dat ass broke the Internet

Annnd now everyone's memeing the hell out of it. Big surprise.

Doritos falvoured Mountain Dew is a thing. So are ramen donuts.

Think you know your candy? This Skittles or M&Ms? quiz is so much harder than you'd think.

In a world-altering change for dyslexics and people with fat fingers, you can now edit your Instagram captions after you've posted. 

There was one person who was unimpressed by Ben Affleck's brief peen reveal in Gone Girl: Matt Damon.

As expected Leo DiCaprio is aggressively enjoying his 40th birthday.

So it turns out Emma Stone can sing, as well as act, and be really cute and funny, and have freakishly skinny legs. What a bitch.

Want to win a year's worth of wine? Sure you do!

This week Blake Lively and Martha Stewart sat down together to presumably talk about pie fillings and how to stay out of the slammer.

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Image credits: Culinary Bro Down

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