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Beyoncé & Jay-Z Might Be Touring Together

By Ange Law
6th Mar 2018


If we’re being honest, that headline should be enough to make you pack it all up, call it a day and admit that your life has just been made. But guys, we love you more than that so here’s a bit more information to get you even more hot and bothered than you are right now. 

First, it’s true. Beyoncé and Jay-Z might possibly be doing a potential world tour TOGETHER and we know about it thanks to some poor social media manager (that’s, no doubt, been fired by now) and a few secret internet squirrels. This is how the story goes. The secret squirrel (AKA Rey) noticed that Jay and Bey added three new upcoming events labelled “Beyoncé and Jay-Z–On The Run 2” on Facebook and in their words: “Jay Z and Beyoncé think they just gonna post these joint tour dates and delete ‘em like nobody saw them?”. Check out the proof here

Well, that about sums it up team. 2018 just got dammmmnnnn good. 

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Image credit via Instagram Account: Beyoncé

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