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Add This Super Powerful Sustainable Makeup Remover To Your Beauty Arsenal

By Ben Tyers
4th Aug 2020

Reusable makeup removers have made a splash in the beauty world across the last year or so. Not only do they prevent hundreds of thousands of single-use wipes from ending up in landifll, they also save you money, as the best of the bunch only need a little water to work. 

Now though, there are so many reusable makeup removers out there, it's hard to know which one to pick. Australian-owned Blush Off is the newest on the market, and it's proving to be a whole lot more powerful and skin-friendly than its older counterparts.

Blush Off founder Katrina Skebes found that she was struggling with breakouts due to the make-up that standard reusable wipes were leaving behind.

"After working in events, it became clear to me that I was struggling with breakouts due to makeup wipes leaving, not only makeup in my pores but an oily residue. This quick-fix was becoming a long-term nightmare. I love wearing makeup, but I wanted clear, glowing skin," said Skebes.

After trialling 26 different kinds of makeup wipes, Skebes found that none really cut the mustard.

“Some felt like used, dried up snippets of carpet that were harsh and scratchy against my skin.”

And, after working with a network of professional makeup artists, Skebes tested various fibres to eventually come up with the perfect combination for Blush Off.

What Does Blush Off Do?

Blush Off will remove 99% of daily dirt and makeup including stubborn staples like waterproof mascara, sunscreen and even zinc.

What Makes Blush Off Work?

Blush Off pads are double-sided that are larger and thicker than similar makeup removers. Meaning, these pads will clean your skin with water alone, reaching into the smallest pores on your face.

Blush Off is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, chemical-free, Australian-owned and non-toxic. And using just one of Blush Off pad will replace close to 200 single-use makeup wipes.

The pads can hold up to 50ml of water which makes them seven times more absorbent than any other makeup removal pad on the market.

What Else Does Blush Off Make?

After kicking goals in the makeup removal game, Blush Off now offers a shampoo cleanser that has been selling like hotcakes.

The shampoo cleanser not only removes stains and bacteria from the Blush Off pads, it will also clean makeup brushes and blenders too.

Buy your Blush Off makeup removal pad here.

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Image credit: Blush Off

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