Budget to Blow Out | Couches

By Peta Brady
17th Aug 2018

There’s nothing quite like a fabulously fabulous couch or sofa to make a bold statement in your home, and when budget isn’t an issue it’s tempting to really go all out. Sure, finding the perfect mix of comfort and style can be tricky, but sometimes it’s not about comfort and all about design.
Whether shopping online or in-store for your new living room addition, finding design inspo is the easy part – the tough decisions come later. What’s your preferred style, colour and fabric? What does this couch say about you? Can you sit on it comfortably? Do you even care? 
No matter what you’re after, there’s going to be something out there that suits you perfectly – you just have to know where to look. That’s why we’ve gone right ahead and found some of the best places across Australia and New Zealand just for you. Less time researching, more time shopping. After all, shopping is the fun part.
If you’ve got money to burn, bust out the credit card and take a look at these stunning couches that would be right at home in any self-respecting interior designer’s house.


1. Douglas & Bec, RD Half Sofa 

2. Boyd Blue, Napoleon Sofa

3. Cult, Modular Cone Lounge

4. Koskela, The Quadrant Sofa

5. Jardan Furniture, Horizon Sofa

6. HGFS, Anyway High Back Sofa

7. Moroso, Josephine Sofa

8. Curious Grace, Hold Sofa

9. Simon James, Quilt Sofa

10. Globe West, Kennedy Curl Sofa

And here's the epic clothing collab you need in your life by Kith and Coca-Cola.

Design credit: Sarah Law

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