Yeasty Boy | Neil Perry Just Launched A Vegemite Burger

By James Shackell
17th Jan 2018


Ever tucked into a meaty cheeseburger and thought, ‘This thing could use more yeast’?

Well, Neil Perry and the crew from Vegemite are here to answer your prayers. They’ve just collab’d to produce Australia’s first ever Vegemite burger.

Let’s break this thing down. It’s a top-quality Burger Project beef burger, which means Cape Grim patties, gooey cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and mayo, sandwiched between a pillowy soft Bread Top milk bun. The final touch? A schmear of black, salty, yeasty Vegemite.

“Vegemite is synonymous with our Australian way of life,” Neil Perry says. “Its unique taste, smeared on a soft milk bun, alongside our premium beef patty, has resulted in an intense depth of flavour we think burger aficionados will love.”

Want to get your mitts on these bad boys? They’re launching at Perry’s Australian Open pop-up today, followed by all Burger Project stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The promo lasts until 28 January.

Is it just us or are Vegemite getting seriously creative with their collabs? This is the latest in a long line of weird, spin-off creations. Who can forget the questionable Vegemite Cadbury experiment, or last year’s nightmare Vegemite ice-creams...

The Details

What: Vegemite Burger
Where: Burger Project stores in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney
When: Available till 28 January
For more info, click here

Image credit: Burger Project 

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