Get Comfy, This Marathon Bus Tour Crosses Through 18 Countries In 70 Days

By Rick Stephens
2nd Sep 2020

A bus pulling up in a busy London street on a sunny day.

Anyone who’s stayed in a hostel will have no doubt spotted the weathered traveller with 20+ flag patches on their backpack; they’re seen as a badge of honour, awarded to only those who’ve spent the entirety of their 20s—and their savings—on travelling. What if we told you, however, that a hack exists? It comes in the form of a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, and it’ll take you through 18 countries in 70 days.

The marathon roadtrip comes from Adventures Overland, while the specific tour is titled Bus To London. To get to London, however, you’ll need to hail your ride a continent across over in India. 

It’s an odd 20,000km journey from origin to destination, where you’ll begin in Delhi before heading east to Myanmar, Thailand and then Bangkok. You’ll then make your way through China to meet a panda and suss out that big wall they have, then, take a b-line straight into the historically-rich sights of the ’Stans—Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, to be precise. 

Next stop, Russia, only to make your way in and out of several can’t-be-missed Euro capitals like Warsaw, Prague and Brussels. You’ll then spend another month or so on the road before arriving at your final destination, as the name of the tour promised, London.

While this does sound like a nauseatingly long time to spend in a people mover, it’s worth noting the diversity of countries you’ll be visiting along the way. There will, of course, be plenty of stop-overs, and your noble steed is set to be fitted with all the necessary mod-cons to keep you comfortable—WiFi, enough charging points to keep your social media powered 24/7 and plenty of legroom.

Commitment-phobes feeling woozy at committing 2.5 months of their life to a bus can recline in their business class seat with the knowledge you can purchase tickets for specific, shorter legs of the tour. 

The pending departure is pencilled in for early May 2021, subject to COVID related travel restrictions. Keep an eye out for tickets via the website in the coming months.

Choose your seat, and the fellow passenger next to you, very wisely.

In the meantime, start planning your local getaway via our travel section. 

Image Credit: Cajeo Zhang | Unsplash

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