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PSA: Cheeseburger Gyoza Is Now A Weirdly Delicious Thing

By Tayla Walsh
5th Apr 2018


The time has come to embrace the masterminds at Harajuku Gyoza as culinary gods. As of today, they have another mind-boggling menu item for us kitchen mortals to drool over: cheeseburger gyoza.

Sounds weird, we know. But stick with us.

Harajuku Gyoza are the guys behind the Insta-famous raindrop cake, the super fluffy soufflé pancakes AND the golden foot-long fries that we still dream about. Basically, you have to have faith. They know their shit. 

On to the gyoza, people. This thing fuses cheeseburger ingredients like aged cheddar and 100% grass-fed beef with onions, pickles, mustard and tomato sauce before being diced and folded into gyoza skins and deep-fried. Oh stop it—get these tasty morsels into our bellies RN. 

These little pockets of joy are available in Harajuku Gyoza stores from today. So do yourself and your taste buds a favour and give them a try.  

The Details

Where: All Harajuku Gyoza locations, Brisbane & Sydney 
When: Availabile right now
For more info, click here

Image credit: Harajuku Gyoza 

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