Chinatown Market Just Dropped Their First FW18 Collection

By Sophie Hodges
28th Nov 2018

Fresh off dominating ComplexCon 2018, Chinatown Market has just dropped their first FW18 capsule.

If you haven’t heard of Chinatown Market don’t fret, we've got you covered.

Founded by New York designer Mike Cherman, following the exit from his previous label ICNY (which he founded in 2012), Chinatown Market has developed into a serious player in the streetwear market.

Mike’s resume is pretty impressive; he's worked as an assistant designer at Nike Bowery Stadium in New York, as a freelance designer at KITH, and is known for some of the early A$AP Worldwide gear. It's safe to say he knows his stuff, and it's no surprise he’s brought Chinatown Market to the forefront of streetwear.

Alongside some on-point collaborations; Original Penguin, Lacoste and Puma, Chinatown Market’s signature bootleg aesthetic well and truly put them on the map. You may remember seeing Lebron rocking a pair of one-off Converse Chuck Taylor’s printed with a Nike swoosh and Chinatown Market’s signature smiley face.  

Now that you’ve got a bit of background, let’s break down their latest capsule.

Launching new pieces every day this week, the initial drop of their first FW18 collection is now available to shop online.

With multiple hat options, beanies, socks and a belt, accessories are covered. Our shout out goes to the apparel pieces, covered in a Multi-Language print. We’d support your rocking the entire printer kit.

You can shop drop one online right now, and expect more pieces to be released over the coming days, so keep a check on their socials

Image credit: Chinatown Market

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