Christmas Has Come Early For Fast Walkers AKA Us

By Simone Jovel
1st Dec 2017

fast lane shopping

Let us paint you a picture. You’re at your local shopping centre, hoards of shoppers errry damn where and just when you’re ready to get your festive cheer on, they appear—slow walkers. 

Way more frustrating (and equally as terrifying) as anything the Walking Dead could conjure up, and hot tip team, we’re about to hit peak slow walker levels as we head full speed into the holiday season.

We’ll forgive you for jumping on the next flight to the UK where some (no doubt always in a rush) legend has created perhaps the best development known to mankind—fast walking lanes. We know, someone give this human a mojito and a lie down, they’ve officially killed it at life for years to come.

The new fast lanes are a result of slow rage (like we said, we just love this so much) so that people on a mission (aka us) can get to where they’re going nice and fast.

Merry Christmas y’all.

Image credit: Unsplash

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