Make A Green Impact This Month With Circular September

By Morgan Reardon
9th Sep 2020

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Here at Urban List, we’re all about shouting out businesses that have the environment front and centre. Which is why we’re getting amongst Circular September, an initiative that focuses on celebrating, promoting and collaborating with amazing businesses that are committed to helping the planet build a greener future. 

We caught up with the gang at life cykel to find how what inspired the movement and how you can get on board.

What triggered the movement? 

Circular September started back in 2018. We had a passion for the Circular Economy and had already created products in the circular space before. We wanted to share these ideas with everyone and we also wanted to learn from other businesses in the same space. So we thought it would be a great idea to create a space where businesses could share their ideas and initiatives of the circular economy, creating a larger movement.

Who's behind Circular September?

There is a small team behind Circular September as it is a very young initiative. We work with the team at Life Cykel to search for new circular businesses to feature on our website and social media and to implement the initiative throughout the month. We have a list of businesses on our website that we currently feature and who are keen to get involved in the initiative throughout the month. Together we can make a difference.

Why is supporting circular businesses so important right now?

Because they’re the driving force behind majorly reducing stress on the environment. By keeping more materials and products in the system it reduces the amount of waste that is produced, which would potentially otherwise cause environmental damage. It will also reduce the pressure on harvesting more raw materials from the Earth, which are depleting already at an alarming rate. We are all well aware that we are in a very uncertain time regarding environmental and climate change. Therefore anything that businesses can do to mitigate damage to the environment and climate should be greatly appreciated by all.

What makes a circular business? 

There isn't necessarily a set of rules that govern if you are a circular business or not, everyone is doing their best and even little things can go a long way. We believe that anyone that is trying to create circular initiatives within their business should be encouraged and communicated to help others take a similar path. The seed must start to grow from somewhere!

If you want to get technical, we could say that a business could be deemed circular when they initiate practices that create a closed-loop system. They will often support and respect local communities, as well as sustainable and regenerative work that will benefit the environment. It is all about continuous improvement, symbiotic and efficient business pathways and having fun whilst we create a better world.

How can we jump on board and help?

By supporting the businesses that feature on our website and implementing their initiatives into their own lives. Take the time to educate yourself on the principles of the circular economy and they will soon see that it is so simple. Share the word, don't be afraid to educate others and take pride in what you are passionate about. 
You can also write into Circular September with your favourite ways to participate in the circular economy or any green tips and tricks you have. We love to see what everybody is up to and learn ourselves! 

For a list of green businesses you can support this Circular September and beyond, head here

Image Credit: Jonne Huotari

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