Here’s How You Can Help Make The Government Declare A Climate Emergency

By Chloe Sputore
15th Oct 2019

Climate Emergency Petition

The climate strikes are still rolling out each week across the world, and while it might be tricky for you to get out there and join them week in week out, there is something you can do from where you are right now.

There’s currently a petition asking for the Australian parliament to declare a climate emergency and follow the 1120 local governments and jurisdictions around the world that have already done so.

While a name on an online form might not seem like action in support of minimising climate change, if the petition is passed the House of Representatives will have to bring global warming to the forefront of parliament with new legislation to reduce its effects. 

The petition is ending tomorrow at 11.59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, so head here to pledge your name and share this article with everyone you know so they can do the same.

Once you’re done making your voice heard, find out about the 15 simple swaps you can make to improve your food footprint. 

Image credit: Li-An Lim

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