Kick Over The Coffee Table With This Insanely Hard Cluster Puzzle Depicting 300 Cats

By Rick Stephens
12th Aug 2020

A puzzle depicting several dozen cats tangled up together.

After the past few months of putting the pieces together on the coffee table, the puzzle-pro in us all will be searching for a new challenge—especially Victorians. We’re here to tell you definitively that that challenge has arrived in the form of this insanely, maybe even frustratingly hard, cluster puzzle.

For those not privy to current trends in the puzzle scene, a cluster puzzle differs from other puzzles in that every single puzzle piece is uniquely shaped. The cluster puzzle in question is titled 299 Cats (and a Dog), and depicts pretty much what the label says with each piece being a cat (or a dog).

If you’re wondering how you’d even begin piecing together a near-300 strong clowder of cats, you’re not alone, which is why there’s a frame included to help you build the initial outer circle of the puzzle. Following that, it’s up to you to spend an exorbitant amount of brain-busting hours working out which feline goes where. 

Aside from its ability to pass time, 299 Cats (and a Dog) also happens to be very aesthetic thanks to French illustrator Lea Maupeti, who’s best known for her work with The New York Times

You can pre-order 299 Cats (and a Dog) for delivery in the first week of September across the country, though the timing should align quite nicely with the remainder of lockdown for any Victorians needing a distraction.

Puzzle enthusiasts should also consider MONA’s Cloaca Professional puzzle, the 100 piece jigsaw depicting that infamous poo machine. 

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