All The Coachella Trends We’re Crushing On Right Now

By Ange Law
17th Apr 2018

coachella trends

Ahhh Coachella, you beautiful, feed-clogging beauty, you. Whether you’ve been refreshing your feed every hour for days or couldn’t give one single shit about the festival, we know you still care about the best trends that emerged from the festival this year. Don’t die. How else would you choose your Splendour outfits? 

We definitely fall into the latter camp, so we’ve scoured Instagram for all of our fave trends from the first weekend. Buckle up guys—we feel a shopping trip coming on.

90s Sunglasses

If you’re well-versed on the tiny sunglasses trend (you should be, we wrote about it here) then you’ll also be less than surprised these babies stole the freaking show at Coachella. Honestly, you may as well take an extra suitcase for allllll of your pairs of sunnies—this stuff is important okay. 


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Wide-Brimmed Hats

Previous years at Coachella were all about the flower crown—this year, it was the wide-brimmed hats. Sun-safe and cute, these hats have just enough style to be Coachella- and Insta-worthy but are also practical enough to help you party in the sunshine all damn day. 

Crops—All Of The Crops

Again, crop tops aren’t new to Coachella but this year, they’re see-through. Think strategically placed pasties, bikinis worn underneath and juuuust a bit of underboob (similar to side-boob, but well, under). Pair with either a matchy-matchy skirt or high-waisted denim for peak Coachella vibes. 


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Face Glitter

If you didn’t douse your face in glitter, then did you really go to Coachella?


Fringe is a trend that returns to Coachella every year and 2018 was absolutely no different, my friends. Long or short, on tops or skirts, or over the top of literally every single other trend on this list, fringe was everywhere.


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Double Buns & Braids

Braids are not new at Coachella and we’re 97.6% sure it's because they’re cute AF, don’t muss easily and are super practical. Because nobody got the time for frizz when you’re taking a year’s worth of Insta-shots and dancing your little heart out to Queen Bey. Space buns also made an appearance last year and we’re just so pleased they’ve stuck around for another year. 

Belt Bags (AKA Bum Bags)

Calling these designer leather bags “bum bags” is just not on but hey, we’ll also forgive you for not realising these things were cool all over again. Who would have guessed bum bags (#sorrynotsorry) would make a comeback? Not us, TBH, but we’re not mad at it. 


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Beachy Waves

Because some things will just never go out of style. 

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Image credit: Pia Muehlenbeck's Instagram

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