Coffee Flour Is The Invention You’ve Been Waiting For

By Rachel Lay
16th Mar 2016

Coffee is so essential in our lives it’s kind of scary. It’s safe to assume that when we heard coffee-baked goods are on the way we kind of lost it.

Professor Daniel Perlman (also known as our new hero) has created powdered gold, or coffee flour, by milling par-baked green coffee beans with flour. Genius. The result? A flour that has four times the lift of your regular cup o’ Joe and provides a more sustainable release of caffeine for longer lasting perkiness.

And all this good news got us thinking: since coffee flour can be mixed with ordinary, less gifted flours, what life-changing dishes could be featuring in our not so distant future? Here’s our pick of potential coffee-flour inventions we need in our lives:

#1 Coffee toast with Vegemite

#2 Coffee pancakes with maple syrup

#3 Eggs Benny on coffee toast

#4 Coffee Pasta

#5 Coffee Pizza

#6 Coffee Doughnuts

#7 A Coffee Kebab

#8 Coffee Burger Bun

#9 Coffee Cheese Toasties #hangovercure

#10 Coffee Dumplings

Just saying, we’d rather turn to these caffeinated dream snacks than a cup of International Roast.

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Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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