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Buy Your Four-Legged Friend The Treats They Deserve With Coles’ New Self-Serve Dog Treat Bar

By Ben Tyers
11th May 2020


Life for Australia's loyal dogs has been a bit different of late, just like everyone else.

All of a sudden they've gone from spending a good amount of their day sleeping around the house on things they probably shouldn't be sleeping on, to being walked up to three times a day all of a sudden.

With all this extra exertion it's no wonder the team at Coles has come up with the amazing idea to add self-serve dog treat bars to supermarkets around Australia.

The bar was first trialled at the Coles supermarket in Hawthorn, Victoria and will now be rolled out to further supermarkets later in 2020.

Expect it to operate similar to the self-serve nut section you'd usually find at a supermarket, with a range including bones, kangaroo tails, chicken bites, and more.

“We want to help Australians lead healthier and happier lives, and the same goes for their fur babies who are a huge part of the family and have never been more important in keeping us company and enriching our lives than they are right now.” said a Coles spokesperson.

Read more about the concept supermarket in Hawthorn here.

Image credit: Coles Supermarkets

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