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Grab A Free Trial Of This Nutrition Tool That’s Already Used By Some Of Australia’s Best Athletes

By Ben Tyers
21st Sep 2020

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Most of us have spent a serious amount of time at home in 2020. And to go with that, we've been eating whatever we want, and drinking more than we usually do.

All of that amounts to your diet probably been less than ideal.

To help you get out of a rut and feeling your best, Compeat Nutrition is giving away a free 14-day trial of their world-class nutrition tool.

What Is Compeat Nutrition?

Compeat Nutrition was developed by husband and wife team, Alicia and Dan Edge, and is a tool that aims at helping you make a lifelong shift in your nutrition and wellbeing.

“We are concerned about the whole person, cutting through fads and misinformation, so we can remove the barriers between people and the outcomes they want to achieve,” said Compeat co-founder, Alicia Edge.

Compeat provides goal tracking, recipes, personalised nutrition programs, shopping lists, and more to help you get the balanced diet you're striving for.

Who Can Use Compeat Nutrition?

The trial is perfect for anyone looking to become healthier. The team are able to help you put together a personalised nutrition plan, and if you sign up for their top-tier Professional Support membership you'll get one-to-one personalised support to help you through each step.

Compeat Nutrition is also used by some of the world's best athletes, including players from the Matildas, and legendary Australian Paralympian, Kurt Fearnley.

"I would never be part of a diet app or a slimming shake—neither of those approaches are sustainable or beneficial for our community. When you get into food as an athlete, you typically go down the rabbit hole and end up with 50 pieces of conflicting advice, some of it anecdotal, most of it trying to sell you something.

What attracted me to Compeat was how its mission is to get the best advice—scientific and proven—out there to as many people as possible and to create an environment that builds resilience and good habits." said Fearnley.

Sign up for your 14-day free trial to Compeat Nutrition here.

Image credit: Emma Simpson

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