Ditch Single Use Cups With The Contactless Coffee Method That Will Save The Planet

By Anna Franklyn
15th May 2020

A glass keepcup with a black lid, filled with milky coffee

Just as we felt like we were getting somewhere with the reusable coffee cup movement, COVID-19 came along and had us all resorting to takeaway cups once again. We’re all for protecting the heroes who sling our daily caffeine hit each morning and we certainly wouldn’t tell you to go without your morning brew, fortunately, there’s a way to drink your coffee and save the planet too.

It turns out that most Australian state and territory health departments have confirmed there’s no benefit in switching to single use items, but we understand baristas might be concerned about accepting reusable cups from hundreds of people each week. Enter, the contactless coffee method being used by over 5,000 responsible cafes around Australia.

Using this method, the customer puts their clean reusable coffee cup on a plate or napkin laid out by the cafe staff. The barista makes the coffee in one of their usual dine-in cups and then pours it into the reusable cup without touching it. They can then hand it back to the customer using the plate and voila, you’ve got yourself a single-use-cup-free coffee!

It’s pretty simple, but it could save upwards of one billion takeaway cups and lids ending up in landfill each year. Just remember to make sure your cup is nice and clean; which, let’s be honest, you should be doing even when there’s not a global health pandemic going on.

If your local cafe isn’t into the idea, please respect their decision, but you might want to consider going topless; who needs a lid anyway?

Find registered responsible cafes here and then check out how to clean up your food footprint here.

Image credit: Daiga Ellaby

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