Take A Contiki Tour From Your Couch With This Epic New Movie Club

By Holly Shin
31st Mar 2020

Woman lying on sofa with popcorn

Just because you can't Contiki right now, doesn't mean you can't have a party. Stay at home and join in their new Movie Club through Netflix Party every Thursday night. They'll be screening their favourite travel and destination movies over the next few weeks for you to enjoy.

​All you need to do is join their email list or follow their socials and they'll send out the link each week. Starting this week with Eat Pray Love, pop some popcorn in the microwave, pour some drinks and settle in for a night of laughing, crying and adventuring with a bunch of other avid travellers.

Remember, physical distancing doesn't mean social distancing, so whether you get together with you flatmates or connect with other watchers through the Contiki Movie Club, make sure to get social and stay connected.

Not sure how to set up Netflix Party? We've written a simple guide here.

Image credit: Jeshoots  

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