A Coriander Gift Box Exists And Christmas Is Ruined

By Ange Law
22nd Nov 2017

We know there are a lot of you out there who hate coriander with every single fibre of your being. TBH, I’m with you guys and that’s why I wrote this article. Well, now a company has gone and invented a delivery box full of coriander and I’m pretty sure this is the biggest f*ck you of all time. Yes, I’m serious and no, I’m not overreacting. 

We’ll talk you through this sassy AF monstrosity. First, there’s the actual coriander and they haven’t been stingy here, there’s a whole bunch of the green stuff. Then there’s the massive doughnut that’s flipping your mate (oooor enemy?) the bird in a big way, but don’t worry there are a couple of candy canes there to soften the blow. Did we mention they’ve named it ‘The Grinch’? Appropriate.

Sadly, these are only available in NSW at the moment, but if there's anyone you hate that much in Sydney, head here and spend up big. 

Image credit: Dessert Boxes

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