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Crime Docos That Will Keep You Up At Night

By Georgia Jayne Young
8th Nov 2017

making a murderer season 2

If you’ve ever found yourself trawling through Wikipedia pages, clicking on link after link of weird and creepy things, then this list will be right up your alley. Everyone loves a good crime story or two, so we’ve compiled the most frightening and disturbing crime docos for you to binge. Grab your detective hat and note pad and get cracking these cold cases!


Making A Murderer

If you didn’t spend the summer of ’15 binging Netflix’s Making A Murderer then literally what were you doing? One of the most watched and discussed crime documentaries of all time, this mystery still has viewers going crazy years after its sky rocketing popularity. Wrongly convicted Manitowoc resident Steve Avery was locked up for the sexual harrassment of a local woman but was proven innocent after 18 years behind bars. Now he is back in jail for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach but has he been framed once again? This unnerving 10-part doco will turn you into a true detective with all the clues and timelines that need some explaining.


The Keepers

Another Netflix series to add to the list is The Keepers, a doco about discovering who murdered Sister Catherine Cesnik in 1969. Sister Cathy dissappeared after talk that she knew of misconduct happening at the Roman Catholic Keough High School, Baltimore in the 1960’s. Two months following her dissapearance her body was found in a forest by two hunters. This distressing story explores what actually happened at Keough, what secrets Sister Cathy knew, and who is responsibly for her brutal murder.


The Jinx

New York multimillionaire Robert Durst is the key suspect to three murder cases that occurred over the course of twenty years. The first being his wife, then his close friend, and finally his neighbour—but Durst fiercly denied having anything to do with the murders. Trust us when we say The Jinx will send chills down your spin the entire way through and then shock you to your very core in the final scene.


Killer Legends

Everyone’s heard the ol’ legends like Bloody Mary and the Boogeyman but this doco uncovers the origins of each legend and it will honestly terrify you. Think people dressed as clowns, poisoned Halloween candy, small town kids being abducted in the forest. Killer Legends will bring back the fear you had a kid listening to these legends but it’s ten times worse because they’re all true.


The Cannibal That Walked Free

Issei Sagawa is a Japanese man that murdered and ate (yes, ATE) one of his classmates in 1981 during a “study session” in France. The Cannibal That Walked Free interviews Sagawa about the murder, how he avoided prison, his life afterwards, and the fact that he still has cannibalistic urges. We’re warning you, don’t watch this one if you have a weak stomach.


Killer Kids

From gang initiations to hate crimes to revenge killings, Killer Kids shares the details of kids as young as the age of 13 who have been found guilty of murder. Netflix’s Killer Kids series will have you watching with your jaw dropped when you see what these kids are capable of at such a young age. Plus there’s more than 40 episodes for you to binge—since you won’t be getting any sleep.


Casting JonBenet

The murderous circumstances of six-year-old pageant girl Jonbenét Ramsay’s death in 1996 still remains a huge mystery. Casting JonBenét explores all the possible suspects and actions that happened to Jonbenét leading up to her death, placing her parents and nine-year -ld brother as the possible murderers. The ransom note, placement of the body, and autopsy will all have you scratching your head for answers.

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Image Credit: Making A Murderer

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