Crunning Is The Newest Weird Fitness Trend

By Ellen Seah
12th Jan 2016

crunning fitness trend

If you thought the humiliation of falling off a treadmill, sweating through a hot yoga class of death, or visually struggling on your second push-up was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Because crunning is coming to 2016, and exercising will never be the same again.

Although it looks like the aftermath of The Human Centipede 4: The Centipede's Escape, crunning is a truly ingenious cross between crawling like a king-size baby and running like Bambi without any balance. So basically, our evolution IS OFFICIALLY GOING BACKWARDS. Thank you America.

Crunners (or unwilling participants, depending on how you look at it), are required to literally be on their hands and feet during the “workout” - and we use that phrase loosely. They ‘run’ as best they can on, essentially, four legs. Although bear crawl exercises have been around for some time, crunning requires less of a strict plank position, thus making this exercise ever-so elegant and inconspicuous. #sarcasm

Courses can include grass, concrete, stairs and other obstacles - as demonstrated by perhaps the weirdest video you'll see this week below. 

Meanwhile, in Japan, Kenichi Ito just broke the world record for sprinting on all fours. So, there's a 2016 fitness goal for you then?

Image credit: YouTube

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