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Cult Japanese KitKat Flavours Are Now Available In Australia

By Ben Tyers
19th Dec 2017


There are many amazingly good things about living in this fabulous, sun-scortched country of ours, and one of those good things is the fact that we’ve got our own KitKat Chocolatory to answer our KitKat fiending call anytime we need it to. Okay, so it's in Melbourne—but a weekend trip to VIC is still cheaper than a flight to Tokyo.

And while the options are limitless with what you can create at the Chocolatory, there’s always been something missing—but they’re finally here.

Anyone who’s been to Japan (or just spent too much time on the internet) will be well aware of the copious amounts of amazing—and weird—KitKat flavours that are available in the land of the rising sun, and now, those flavours have made their way to Australia, and we’re very, very excited.

There are four new ‘Sublime’ flavours which include the Sublime Matcha, along with white, bitter, and milk varieties.

To keep the flavours coming, the KitKat Chocolatory has also introduced the I ♥ Fruits set which is made with freeze-dried summer fruits like raspberry, passionfruit, and yuzu.

Also new this Christmas is the fact that the KitKat Chocolatory has introduced Click & Collect via their website. Need some inspo? Here are the new flavour ranges below:

KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Range

  • KitKat Sublime Matcha | Premium couverture chocolate, crisp batch baked wafers, and stone ground matcha.
  • KitKat Sublime Milk | Cocoa and mellow milk ensemble.
  • KitKat Sublime Bitter | Contains 66% cocoa couverture bitter chocolate.
  • KitKat Sublime White | A couverture chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter.

I ♥ Fruits Range

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Yuzu
  • Passionfruit

If you need us, we'll be filling up our online shopping cart...

In more weird and whacky news, you can now buy a sip and scratch map that plots out all the craft beer you've drunk. Totally random? Of course. But you know you want one.

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