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This Cult Mascara Is Giving Back, One Voluminous Lash At A Time

By Kaitlan Rath
14th Jun 2018


When it comes to eyelashes, we want them big and we want them fat—minus the clumping and the flaking. We want to get the lushest lashes possible: the most volume, the most curl, most definitely high def. Show of hands how many times you’ve been caught putting your mascara on in a rush (read: in a traffic jam) and it all ends quite literally in tears (aka your eyelid).

Let us introduce you to Levitate by Indigo & Iris: your lash saviour that has seemingly solved all our application problems while helping others at the same time.

Made in Italy, Indigo & Iris have created the perfect all-day mascara that is vegan, keeps out all the nasties and adds in only the good stuff. We reckon it’s amazing and incredibly versatile.

One coat of Levitate provides a flattering and natural look but the more you add the bolder your lashes become—without ever making you a chunky mess. The mascara gods really took note of our whinging, here.

As much as we love this mascara (because fat, defined lashes that’s why) we love the fact that 50% of its profits are donated to curing treatable blindness in the Pacific Islands.

Through the help of the Fred Hollows Foundation, Indigo & Iris are able to help people that truly need a helping hand, through a brand created soley to do good. Making our eyes look fabulous is a bonus here; providing others with not just their sight but their independence is pretty damn incredible if you ask us.

Available online, Indigo & Iris ships to Australia and New Zealand—woo hoo! Invest in this hard-working product and know that your investment is doing good; your eyes, and others', will thank you for it.

Image credit: Indigo & Iris

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