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Book Into A Cosy Cabin, We’ve Found The Ultimate Romantic Getaway Activity

By Lillian Curthoys
1st Jul 2020

a hand holding a coloured pot

Planning a weekend away in a cosy cabin somewhere, preferably one with a fireplace—but not exactly sure what you'll do when you get there (other than the bedroom antics, of course)?  Well, if the movie Ghost is any example to go by, then we all know pottery can get super romantic—which is why we think OnlyT’s DIY pot making kits make for the perfect date night activity whether at home or away. 

Full of everything that makes a date night one to remember—fun, some friendly competition and a keepsake to pop on the shelf—these pottery kits are packed up with all the clay mix, moulds and dyes you need to create several cute little pots or candle holders. All you need to do is add water, which we're pretty sure will be readily available wherever you are, making them easy enough to throw in the car for your trip.

It starts like this; you choose the number of pots you want to make and the colours. OnlyT then delivers your isoKIT to your doorstep, full of everything you need to create some gorgeous home accessories, including plenty of dye to use when your pot making inevitably dissolves into trying to get as much colour on each other’s faces as possible. But we suggest lighting up that fireplace, popping a bottle of wine and pressing play on a smooth playlist, to really get the date night vibes firing.

If you keep on track, the entire activity takes around an hour, and there’s no kiln-firing or drying process needed. While you wait, snuggle up, roast some marshmallows and finish off that bottle of wine while you watch the stars. Or just rock, paper, scissors each other to decide who gets to clean up.

Lock in a romantic evening wherever you are and get your hands on your own pot making kit here today.

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Image credit: OnlyT

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